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    24 Problem-Solving Products If Pet Fur Is Your Arch Nemesis

    Owning a pet has many perks...but finding fur literally everywhere...yeah that's not one of them.

    1. A grooming rake that'll loosen fur, lighten your dog's undercoat, and prevent future mats. This brush is specifically designed for pooches with thick, dense fur or double coats.

    Reviewer photo of a golden retriever sitting next to a big pile of fur that was removed with the rake

    2. A bottle of Burt's Bees dander-reducing spray so your cat's coat is soft, shiny, and free of dander, flakes, and loose fur. It's made with aloe vera and oatmeal to condition dry skin and reduce redness.

    Reviewer's before and after showing the spray got rid of their cat's dander

    3. Or a pack of Burt's Bees cat wipes for reducing dander and keeping your cats fresh between baths. They're pretty similar to the spray, so it's up to you which format your prefer using with your kitties.

    The wipes

    4. A pet hair remover if you love your fur baby but hate how much they shed...on everything. Roll it over your couch, bed, favorite blanket, you name it, and watch it lift the fur away. See, we can own nice things!!

    Reviewer photo of a black pillow covered in white dog hair and you can clearly see which side they brushed with the fur remover because all the dog hair is gone in that section

    5. A broom for pet hair to loosen the fur trapped in your carpet. It works just as well on wood and linoleum, with the rubber head working as a magnet to attract stray hairs. There's also a built-in squeegee for wiping up liquids or for cleaning glass. Plus, the handle extends from 36 to 60 inches so it can reach practically any mess.

    6. And a touchless stationary vacuum because you can sweep the pile of fur you just dislodged from your carpet fibers right into it. Bending over and sweeping everything into a dust pan only for half of it to not make it into the pan and for the other half to erupt into a dirt cloud that makes you cough? That's a no from me, dawg.

    7. A mounted brush that'll satisfy your cat's ceaseless demands for scritches while loosening fur you don't have time to brush. Just mount it to a corner with the included adhesive strips and watch as your beloved babies leave you for the warm embrace of this gray-and-white piece of plastic.

    8. A pair of sweeper slippers so you can quickly clean the floors as you walk around your apartment. They pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, your hair, and more with each step. And! These even fit over a Swiffer so it's like two products in one.

    9. A hair-removing glove for pets who go running at the sight of a regular brush. Now you can bond while removing enough fur to make another dog.

    The grooming glove with silicone nodules, full of hair held in front of a French bulldog

    10. A pet-proof seat cover if you want to bring Fluffy on your hike or beach trip but don't want a backseat covered in sand, dirt, and fur.

    11. A devastatingly effective handheld vacuum to suck up pet hair. It has a special rubber nozzle that picks up fur with ease, especially on hard-to-vacuum areas like stairs. There's no bag, so simply pop off the canister when you're done vacuuming and dump the contents in the trash.

    12. A robot vacuum because it takes care of the fine layer of pet hair that coats your floors without you having to lift a finger. do have to set the cleaning schedule...but you can do that on your phone and then this little guy will get to work.

    13. A pet brush that'll do the hard work of detangling your pet's matted fur while also removing dead hair to reduce shedding and keep your vacuumed floors fur-free. The stainless steel blade is packed with tiny teeth that are long enough to grasp loose hairs in your dog's undercoat.

    Before photo of a dog with an unbrushed, messy coat and after photo of the same dog looking fluffy after being brushed

    14. An electric pet shaver so trimming your pet's fur is a breeze. This set comes with four guard combs so you don't accidentally nick the skin, as well as a set of clippers. Reviewers say it's quiet — a plus if your pets are sensitive to noise.

    Progression photos showing a disheveled dog looking neat and groomed

    15. A handy TubShroom for keeping your shower drains free of Fluffy's hair. Pet hair, especially if you have long-haired breeds, can clog up drains and get moldy.

    16. Or a drain clog remover if the fur is already jamming your pipes.

    Reviewer holding the snake, which has grabbed a massive chunk of hair from the drain

    17. A furniture cover to protect your couch from ending up covered in fur. You'll save so much time cleaning because it's machine-washable. No more spending an hour trying to vacuum every. single. hair. from your loveseat.

    18. A detangling shampoo because everyone wins here. You won't spend hours brushing out frustrating knots *and* Fido will smell like sweet pea. Plus your pupperino won't look at you with eyes that say "Hooman, why are you doing this to me?" as you drag the brush through tangled fur.

    Reviewer photo of their golden retriever looking brushed and smooth

    19. A dog shampoo to reduce shedding that'll save the day if you can't accept a future where almost every inch of your floors and furniture are covered in dog hair. Deshedding shampoos work by hydrating a dog's coat with moisturizers and essential omega fatty acids that make the hair less brittle, dry, and likely to fall out = less shedding.

    Reviewer photo of their dog and a large pile of fur they brushed out

    20. A 2-in-1 Hoover carpet cleaner so your vacuum does the hard work of sucking up dirt, dust, and pet hair *and* steaming your carpets. It's time to reclaim your weekends instead of spending the whole day vacuuming, then steaming, then waiting for everything to dry.

    21. A low-effort pet hair remover for collecting pet fur that's deeply embedded. Just run it over your carpet, couch, clothes, car seats!

    Reviewer photo showing the pile of fur this tool removed from a chair

    22. A handheld cordless vacuum if your dog's bright white fur is embedded in your car's black fabric seats and carpet. It has a built-in light so you can be sure you're grabbing each and every fur — even the ones hiding under your seat. And it comes with both a brush tool and a crevice nozzle tool to root out and lift away stubborn strands.

    23. A self-cleaning slicker brush to remove so much loose hair that you'll wish there was a black market for pet fur. Maybe the hairless cats are paying. Is this the weirdest paragraph I've ever written? Maybe!

    24. A conditioner concentrate because it'll make you envious of the shine on your dog's fur. It's great for all breeds and hair lengths, and it can help reduce tangles, prevent urine stains, and repel against dirt.

    You realizing your pets are actually tiny hairy monsters who shed everywhere: