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33 Gifts For Your Pet You May Want To Splurge On

The ulti~mutt~ guide to pleasing your pets this holiday.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

1. A dog DNA kit because haven't you always wanted to know exactly what kind of dog your beloved rescue mutt is?

Diagram showing breakdown of dog's genetic makeup

Promising review: "Very cool! My dog is a rescue and I was told he was a border collie mix. His personality lead me to do a test because he just didn’t have the personality a border collie. Come to find out he’s a Shih Tzu-pitbull mix, which makes way more sense." —dede123

Get it from Amazon for $149 (originally $199).

2. A cat DNA test (it's from Shark Tank!) if the quirks and origin of your adopted shelter cat are a mystery...much like their insistence that they knock all the food out of their dish before picking up each piece individually. So weird!

The results of a test showing the breed groups a cat could belong to

Promising review: "I purchased this kit because I have a 18-pound green-eyed, long-haired cat, whom everyone asks me about. 'Is she a Maine Coon?' 'Is she part Maine Coon?' I had no idea as to her lineage, as I found her struggling for her survival on the street and had no idea who her parents were. She turned out not to be a Maine Coon, but showed similar ancestry to ragdolls. Believable, as she’s very people friendly and almost acts like a dog. However, the most important part of this test is the health reports. I’ve sent a copy to her veterinarian, so that we can be on the lookout for anything she may be predisposed to and to have the vet give suggestions as to how to avoid certain outcomes. I’m very happy with the test and recommend it to anyone with concerns about their cat’s health or curiosity about their lineage." —Madouc

Get it from Amazon for $99.99.

3. A treat-tossing Furbo pet camera so you can keep an eye on your pet even when you're not home. With its 160-degree wide-angle view, night vision, and real-time barking alerts you'll know exactly what your pup is up to.

The Furbo

Promising review: "I bought this item for my girlfriend who is deployed overseas in Bahrain. She loves her dog more than anything so I knew this would be a perfect gift for her. The first night I had the Furbo I was awaken several times in the middle of the night by high pitched squealing and giggling of glee from my gf not being able to contain herself. She was so excited to see him, talk to him and give him treats and OH BOY does she like giving him treats! By the time she gets back from her deployment I am sure he will be overweight and wont be able to run to her when she gets home. Thanks Furbo, your product is awesome and we all love it!" —Alex Batlle

Get it from Amazon for $133.99 (originally $249).

4. A Bissell portable dog bath and grooming system for keeping your pupperino smelling nice and fresh without traumatizing them with a bathtub. The special nozzle is designed to get under the fur for a deep clean.

Promising review: "I was looking for a solution for my elderly dog as she cannot get in and out of the tub. The Bark Bath did a great job cleaning her up and I did not have to lift her in the bath. I was worried about her being scared of the sound but she didn't give it a second thought. The best part was no chasing her around to get a towel on her before she shakes and soaks the bathroom. I would recommend." —Shatterproof

Get it from Amazon for $142.32.

5. A Bissell SpotBot to remove all traces of your pet's accident. Who wants to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing cat vomit from the carpet with a brush? The answer: no one.

This portable carpet cleaner will spray, brush, and suction up any stain, no adult supervision needed. It also comes with a hose and tool attachment if you'd prefer a more hands-on cleaning session.

Promising review: "This machine is amazing. I was shocked. My dogs had a severe diarrhea blowout from getting into some people food and garbage. My carpet looked beyond repair. We used the cleaning solution that came with it and also used Nature's Miracle carpet shampoo liquid. I am sold on the SpotBot. It is fabulous and gets out any set-in stain. Not a trace left and we didn't have to do a thing but move the machine to a different spot when it was done. No work for us!" —MK

Get it from Amazon for $149.

6. A Ripple Rug — an activity mat made from recycled plastic water bottles that'll exhaust your kitties and present an outlet for their energy and curiosity. You'll enjoy watching them hide, pounce, scratch, and dash in and out of holes — but what you'll love even more is that they're no longer destroying your couch legs.,,

It's large enough for a multi-cat household and has a non-slip rubber bottom so even the most rambunctious kitty can enjoy it.

Promising review: "Straight out of the box, all five of my cats took to it, RIGHT AWAY! If only I was the genius who would have thought of this product, but I'm ecstatic nonetheless. I have a very timid cat who gets pushed out of everything, as you can see in the group picture (above, left); but later, she got to investigate and played for a good half hour! I can't get her to play with anything alone, so this was huge after seven whole years. I always have to instigate play with her, until this came into our lives today! I am so completely pleased. When she attacks the holes and hears the hook and loop pull, she freaks out and runs circles around it for her next attack. You won't be let down. This is the best entertainment ever, especially for the cat lady and cat dad involved. We hurt from laughing. JUST BUY IT!" —Katie

Get it from Amazon for $46.

7. A roomy doggie travel bag because you shouldn't forget about your pets when you're preparing for your next adventure. The backpack itself is large enough to hold all your pup's essentials, plus it comes with two food carriers, a placemat, and two silicone collapsible bowls.

The blue backpack, food carriers, placemat, and silicone bowls

Promising review: "This thing is perfect! It holds an ample amount of food for a few day/nights. I love the dividers, so that you can quickly access the things you need, when you need them. The included collapsable bowls are awesome! I’ve coupled this with a dispensing water bottle, which is also great while in the car. Love this travel bag! We look forward to getting a lot of use out of it with our fur baby!" —Niki P.

Get it from Amazon for $67.99+ (available in three colors).

8. An automatic pet feeder if you're ready to regain your freedom from your furry overlords. No more being woken up at 6 a.m. by a hungry pet or having your Zoom meetings interrupted by yowling in the background because dinner is one minute late.

Cat sitting next to the automatic feeder

This automatic feeder can hold up to 12 meals depending on the size of each portion (you can choose from 1/8 cup to 4 cups).

Promising review: "Our cat is fat. Her life is pretty much driven by food and the only way we've been able to keep her at a moderately sustainable weight is by giving her healthy food she hates and this pet feeder. Every time we come back from a trip, there are a few more claw and bite marks on it, but it holds strong. She's even tried to sit on it, but it's done nothing more than presumably horrify it a little. She used to move around the bowl so when feeding time came she could put her head where the chute is and feel the food rain down her head like Augustus Gloop in the chocolate factory. I would recommend this for anyone who has a cat who is consumed with eating and getting food. Her persistence has defeated every other one we have tried. Yes it is expensive. Yes it is absolutely worth it." —BMoney

Get it from Amazon for $99.95.

9. A pack of White Paw dog toys so you can crack open a cold one with the boys (aka your fur babies).

Two "White Paw" dog toys shaped like White Claw alcoholic seltzers in the flavors natural lime and black cherry

Promising review: "My dog is a soft toy destroyer. She usually tears them apart in five minutes, stuffing everywhere. But for some reason she has not gotten these apart yet! The fabric seems a little more durable but I think it also helps that there are no hanging pieces like a tail/ears, etc. She loves to toss them around. Squeaker isn't in an area she bites all the time so it's not overly annoying. Was super cute to post a picture of her with it and me with my own White Claw :) They were a little pricey but I had to get them!" —Stacy Laake

Get it from Amazon for $22.95.

10. An all-terrain pet stroller for bringing your fur babies with you on your next outdoor adventure. It can support up to 60 pounds of weight, and it has durable bike tires to absorb shock and make even the hilliest hike feel like a walk in the park for Fido.,

Promising review: "Smooth steering and I can’t imagine other strollers with small wheels would compare. Also I am 5’10” and I am SO happy the adjustable handle keeps me from having to schlump. I opted for this pup stroller because I walk around a 3-mile lake that has a hard-packed dirt path and can get ruts in it. My 14-year-old little girl can only walk about half way around before slowing down considerably. I push the stroller empty for the start of the walk, then place her in for the last half. Much better than leaving her home to sulk! Also my daughter’s 40-pound dog ripped a toenail so we had two dogs in the stroller (still under max weight limit) and it handled great. Her dog didn’t want to get out at the end of walk, as it is similar feel to them as a car ride! Breeze in the face, no effort and not very bumpy at all! Is a great item to give a dog improved quality of life as they age." —Flo

Get it from Amazon for $199.99 (available in two colors).

11. An automatic litter box to end the stand off between your cat and its old litter box. Reviewers say that not only does it help reduce the frequency with which their kitties leave surprises *outside* the box, but it also helps reduce the amount of litter that gets tracked into the house. Also, no more scooping poop!

Reviewer photo of their cat sitting in the box

Each litter box comes with a pre-portioned package of litter that you pour into the tray. It will start cleaning 20 minutes after it's detected that your cat has left the box. When the tray is full, simply remove it and dispose of it.

Promising review: "I waited a solid three months before posting this review so I could get a good feel for this product. I wish I would have bought it sooner! This has been a lifesaver for me. I used to be able to smell the cat litter throughout the whole upstairs and there was clay litter dust ALL over the room it was in. Now, there is zero smell, zero mess, and I barely have to do any work to upkeep it. It says it can last up to 21 days, I have found that to be the max for my cat, I will probably start changing it around 18 or 19 days. Changing out the tray refill is a little nasty because that's about the only time I can smell anything bad (and it's still not THAT bad). However it is nowhere near as nasty as scooping out the litter constantly. My cat took to it just fine, I swapped it out with the old cold turkey and there weren't any issues." —Brooke

Get it from Amazon for $93.77+ (available in three styles).

12. A giant cat wheel that'll provide a whole host of benefits not only for you, but also for your kitty — namely, they won't come barreling into the bedroom for some 3 a.m. zoomies while you're trying to sleep. It provides great exercise, especially for chonky boys and girls, and stimulates them mentally, which can help reduce anxiety, depression, and other behavioral issues.

Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

My coworker Mal Mower and her two hairless cats love this exercise wheel. In her own words:

"This wheel supports up to 23 pounds and is surprisingly easy to train your cat to use. One of my cats took to it immediately, naturally knowing how to use it the moment I brought it home. My other cat learned how to use it within a week — by putting food or toys in front of him, I taught him how to crawl up the wheel and he started running on his own just a few days later!"

Get it from One Fast Cat for $199.99.

13. A reversible cardboard scratcher lounge because it'll stand up to even the most enthusiastic kitty. (Your carpet thanks you!),

It also comes with catnip. These boards from Amazon are a cheaper alternative if your kitty loves scratching cardboard.

Promising review: "I’m so happy I bought this!! I was skeptical so I almost didn’t buy it. I have four cats and they all love it!! My worst scratcher is Apollo; he’s torn up doors, walls, door jams, carpet, couches...just about everything you can think of and he even chews on furniture. He has completely stopped all of that now that he has this!! You can see how happy he is. In fact, once he decided he was willing to share the lounger (it took about two days of all-out war) they all use it and they all love it and use it daily. They like it so much they don’t use anything else. The lounger does leave cardboard pieces on the floor after they scratch it, but it’s worth it! I wish I would have purchased this sooner." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $49.95 (available in three colors).

14. A plaid bowtie collar if your handsome boy needs a ~paw-fectly~ festive accessory to wear for the family's holiday card. It's machine washable (a win if your dog likes to make messes!) and reviewers say it holds its shape over time.

A black and white dog wearing the red plaid bowtie collar
The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog is a woman-founded company specializing in the sweetest pet accessories, including leashes, collars, bandanas, toys, and beds. Its products are made in San Francisco, and The Foggy Dog donates half a pound of food to a pet rescue center in the US for every purchase.

Promising review: "I bought this for my Morkie, Nacho. It's beautiful and perfect. We love it! Perfect for our holiday photos." —Andrea L.

Get it from The Foggy Dog for $45 (collar available in sizes XS–L and bowtie available in two sizes).

15. A sleek covered litter box so Mittens can conduct her business without an audience. The litter tray is removable so you can just dump it when it's full. And if you look closely, you'll see that it has a grated step any litter on her paws falls back into the box instead of onto your carpet.


Promising review: "My cat absolutely loves it. I have a hard time getting him out of that place. I think it’s turning into his man cave, rather than a place to do private business. A cozy place to do business." —YY!

Get it from Amazon for $139.88+ (available in two colors)

16. A camo-print pet carrier for the pet who likes — nay, demands! — to travel in style. There's no ~hiding~ how cool and functional this bag is. It's airline compliant and can hold 20 pounds of dog (or cat!).

A medium white and black dog sitting in the camo print bag, which has thick neon orange straps

Promising review: "Absolutely love this dog carrier. Extremely high quality and although it was a tad on the expensive side, it looks and feels even more expensive that it really is. I would definitely purchase this again and it fits my miniature schnauzer perfectly!" —Quietstorm80

Get it from Amazon for $150 (available in other colors).

17. A bottle of Aesop Animal wash to deodorize and de-funk-ify your pooch. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin and has a delightfully fresh scent of lemon, tea tree, and spearmint.

The squirt bottle

Get it from Aesop or Verishop for $39.

18. A sophisticated wall-mounted cat bed that'll make them feel like a ~cat-stronaut~ in space. Our cats probably think of us as weird naked biped aliens anyway!


Promising review: "This is the opposite of those shag carpet cat condos! Very modern and attractive way to catify your home! My cat didn’t seem interested for the first week, but now he’s in there all the time. I mixed them with shelves to give him a place to jump and climb and hangout. Great purchase. Hard to find these in stock." —Liz

Get it from Amazon for $133.18+ (available in two colors and two orientations).

19. A pair of doggie rain boots because your finicky pup hates getting his feet wet and you hate muddy paw prints on your white carpet. Everybody wins here!

Dog wearing blue rain boots

Get a pair from WagWear for $49 (available in sizes XXS–XXL and five colors).

20. A wooden rabbit castle if your bunny could use a change of scenery. No tools are necessary to set it up, and it's made to hold up to medium-size hoppers.

The castle, which is made of interlocking wood pieces to create two towers connected by a moat, with one bunny on top of the tower and one underneath
TokiHut / Etsy

TokiHut is a Chicago-based Etsy shop creating the most adorable rabbit decor.

Promising review: "Pancake loves her new castle. She is a 2-pound rabbit. I also have a 4-pound rabbit who can still fit but is a bit too big for this. Very happy with this!" —feathersnice

Get it from TokiHut on Etsy for $69.70.

21. A location tracker so you can keep tabs on your furry friends. This is great for anyone whose pet is an expert escape artist, people who let their dogs roam on large properties, or pet parents who want to make sure their pups are exactly where they left them when they're away from home.


It also monitors your pet's activity levels and behaviors (like licking and scratching) so you're aware of potential health problems. A subscription also comes with on-demand access to a vet!

Promising review: "This is absolutely the best GPS product for my dogs I have used so far! I live in the country where Wi-Fi is poor, but my Whistle works great! I am amazed at the battery life. Before I had to recharge the devices every three days, but with this whistle the battery drops less than 5% a day! Amazing. I love watching my dogs reach the goals I’ve set for them as well as seeing how many miles they have run each day and where they go in our yard (we live on an acreage). Best thing by far is being alerted when they get out of our yard able to track them. Very accurate GPS. We will always own a Whistle." —Debbie Lynn White

Get it from Amazon for $103.96+ (available in three colors).

22. A moth dress for (I can't believe I'm saying this) your lizard! This reptile-friendly frock is a mini version of Fashion Brand Company's moth mini dress for humans.

A plastic lizard toy wearing the dark green mini dress, which has billowy sleeves with eyes on them
Fashion Brand Company

Fashion Brand Company is a woman-owned store specializing in outrageously cool clothes and accessories. I also highly recommend getting your lizard the pink cowgirl dress.

Get it from Fashion Brand Company for $38.

23. A cozy pet sofa to spoil your pet and convince them to give up their spot on the couch...which used to be your favorite spot. This stylish *and* functional seating option for Fido comes with a machine-washable removable cushion so cleanup is easy.

Small dog on the dark green couch

Promising review: "Beautiful, efficient, great value, and super comfortable for my pooch." —Jhonny Hanley

Get it from Novogratz on Amazon for $118.25+ (available in three colors).

24. A beautiful ceramic water fountain that'll encourage picky cats to stay hydrated while looking like regular decor. Some cats hate drinking still water (long story short, it's a defense mechanism), so a fountain with running water may be more enticing.

The tiered ceramic fountain, which has three drops
MiaustoreDesigns / Etsy

MiaustoreDesigns makes the most darling ceramic cat fountains that are both beautiful and functional.

Promising review: "Our house loves this fountain! Our two cats drank from it the first day we had it, and assembly was easy. We are looking forward to now having a fountain that is more attractive, higher quality, and easier to maintain than a previous one we had. We used to have the kind with a plastic tank and a stainless-steel dish. It required filter replacement and it was loud. None of those issues now! We also got the mat and cat grass cup additions. I planted some of the seeds and they sprouted just two or three days later! Can't wait until it's tall enough to give to our cats :)" —Alaria Longstaff

Get it from MiaustoreDesigns on Etsy for $94.90.

25. A hand-beaded leather dog collar because your BFF deserves a little bling. All the other dogs at the dog park will be asking Waffles where he got his new collar — or at least I think that's what the butt sniffing means.

Dog wearing the red and white pyramid beaded collar
Ubuntu Life

Ubuntu Life is a Black-founded company that creates its beautiful handmade pieces at its factory in Kenya. It employs more than 80 people (many of whom are mothers of special needs children), offering full health insurance coverage to 100% of its workers.

Promising review: "My dog has been wearing her Ubuntu collar for three years! She’s an active dog and loves water. She swims in it, and I swear it’s indestructible! The beading remains completely intact and beautiful! I get compliments all the time, and the only reason I just ordered a new one is because I’m afraid they will stop making them!" —Ann Elise

Get it from Ubuntu Life for $59.

26. A Susan Alexandra beaded dog collar and leash if you're the type who likes to match their pet to their bag.

A chihuahua wearing a colorful beaded collar and matching leash
@susan_alexandra / Via

Get them both from Susan Alexandra: the collar for $90 (available in sizes XS–XXL) and the leash for $155.

27. An aesthetically pleasing chew toy set so your dog's playthings are no longer huge eyesores. All the toys excluding the rope toy are top-rack-safe, so you can give them a rinse whenever they're looking a little worse for wear.

Wild One

The triangle tug, twist toss, and bolt bite are all made of 100% rubber and available for purchase individually.

Get all three from Wild One for $58 (originally $64).

28. A Casper dog (or cat!) bed for pets who deserve the most luxurious sleeping situation (aka every pet because they're all good boys and girls).,

Promising review: "Just a few minutes after I finished putting it together, my cat Barney got in it and hasn't left. He's a 20-pound orange bobtail tabby and he fits perfectly in it. I got the small and it's really generously sized. The walls seem to hug him without squishing him and he really seems to like having a place to rest his head. I think he feels really supported in it. The fabric is nice and thick, and really soft — kind of like a microfiber suede. It looks and feels like it will hold up well and maintain its shape, and the washable cover is an extra added bonus. I definitely think it's worth the money, especially since the price seems to be on the low end of other beds of this type." —NP

Get it from Amazon for $125+ (available in three sizes and three colors; some options will arrive after Christmas).

29. The Indulger — a wonderfully named play stand and gym to keep your birbs entertained and mentally stimulated. It's best for small and medium birdos, and is large enough to fit multiple occupants.

The multi-tiered PVC pipe play gym which has lots of toys attached to it
BeMoreBirdSupplies / Etsy

BeMoreBirdSupplies builds and ships — you guessed it! — bird supplies, mainly stands, furniture, and accessories.

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this play yard! I'm so glad I bit the bullet and made this purchase because my birds are obsessed with being on there all day. I know the price seems high, but we priced out the material at this quality to do it ourselves, and considering we wouldn't make it look nearly as nice; it's totally worth the price —100%. It's very well done and looks like it will last a long time. I'll definitely be making more purchases again in the future. Oh, and the shipping was lightning fast as well! Thank you!" —Emily Sixx

Get it from BeMoreBirdSupplies on Etsy for $169.99+ (available in two materials and 13 colors).

30. A cozy guinea pig bed so they can ~avocuddle~ on the cutest pet bed you ever did see. Your hedgehog or chinchilla will love it, too!

The avocado-shaped soft bed
TheCosyHut / Etsy

TheCosyHut ships snuggle sacks, cuddle cups, and tunnels for guinea pigs, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and even cats and dogs.

Get it from TheCosyHut on Etsy for $39.90.

31. A house-shaped hideout because gestures at the photo, looks pointedly at you, and then gestures again at the photo. Fill it with warm bedding to keep your hamster, rat, or gerbil toasty and warm through winter.

LoveDrizzlesStudio / Etsy

LoveDrizzlesStudio is based in California and crafts the sweetest small pet accessories.

Get it from LoveDrizzlesStudio on Etsy for $22.99+ (available in five house styles).

32. A food intolerance test if you're concerned that the ingredients in your pet's food are causing their nonstop itching.

Diagram showing what ingredients the test looks at, including proteins, seafood, fruits, veggies, grains, and more

Promising review: "We were completely wrong on our dogs allergies and sensitivities. We now have her on a better-for-her food and her hair is grown back! She no longer shakes her head or itches. We have told all our friends with furry babies to get this simple easy to use test. We are so happy this helped ours!" —kelly t

Get it from Amazon for $52.36.

33. A cat tree house so your kitties can have their own hangout space away from their annoying dog brothers. The platform is textured and can withstand your cat's climbing, jumping, relaxing, and scratching.


Promising review: "At first, our cat wouldn't climb onto it, even with coaxing her with treats and catnip. We think it might have had a smell or something about it from the container. But now, it's her FAVORITE part of the house; she's on it all the time! It was pretty easy to assemble and is a really cool cat tree. We didn't want a 'carpet' tree, and the extra foliage fits nicely in our house!" —The Queen of Anneland

Get it from Amazon for $111.37+ (available in three sizes and three styles).

Your pets trying to make sure you see this list:

Illumination Entertainment

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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