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    Updated on Jun 21, 2020. Posted on Jun 15, 2020

    30 Products That’ll Help You Hide The Mess — Er, I Mean Organize

    You call it "ignoring the problem and putting it under the bed." I call it "organizing."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An cotton swab holder so you can conceal your toothpicks, dental flossers, and cotton swaps with the push of a button. Guess it's time to finally throw out the bulky boxes they came in!, Amazon

    Promising review: "It’s definitely cute and a great product. It works well. Some cotton buds are too long for it, but that’s not usually a problem. I love the way it looks on my counter rather than a bulky box." —Dee Morales

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    2. An over-the-cabinet storage system to hold all your heat-styling tools...which up until now have been sitting in a tangled mess in the drawer. It's too bad no one will see how nicely and neatly you stored them once you shut the cabinet door.

    The storage rack in a brass color holding a hair dryer, flat iron, and curling iron

    Promising review: "This product did exactly what I needed it to. Before, all my items were in a drawer and the cords were a pain, but this metal basket minimized clutter, kept things organized and separate, and also looks nice. It fits two of my blow-dryers, a flat iron, and curling wand. The bars are adjustable as well, but the basket fit perfectly to my cabinet. Worth the buy." —Alyssa Jewell

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in six finishes).

    3. An under-cabinet drawer with a sliding basket that'll be the perfect home for all your cleaning supplies that previously were just sitting out in your bathroom because you didn't know where to put them.

    The two-tiered shelf, which can hold several bottles of cleaner, bars of soap, and toilet paper with room to spare

    Promising review: "These are nice pieces that helped me organize underneath my bathroom sink! They fit perfectly! After organizing everything, I was so surprised I had so much more room that I grabbed more items out of the linen closet to fill it up. I still have a lot of room left. I also bought these based off the high ratings and they hold true. (This is Brad's wife.)" —Brad J. Leahy

    Get it from Amazon for $24.87+ (also available in bronze).

    4. A plastic bag holder because it's time to reclaim the cabinet under your sink. You know...the one filled with plastic bags stuffed with other plastic bags.

    The holder, which has a hole on the top to insert the plastic bags and a slot in the middle where you can pull the bags out

    It comes with screws but can also be mounted with adhesives.

    Promising review: "For the price, you simply can't go wrong with this dispenser. It looks great, hides the plastic bags well, and I find the bags are super-easy to remove when you need one. Such a simple thing but it really works. I'm so glad I bought this!!! I took one of the other reviewer's suggestions and 'wrap' the bag around my hand before I insert the bag into the dispenser (to form a loop of sorts). That suggestion was great! It makes the bags much less tangled and they come right out when pulled." —janie

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97.

    5. A tea bag organizer for helping you finally — finally! — organize your tea bag collection. This won't just help you hide the clutter of half-full boxes, but it'll help you actually get rid of the clutter!

    This organizer can hold approximately 100 tea bags.

    Promising review: "I bought this as a gift twice before I bought it for myself. I love it so, so much! It has eliminated all the boxes of teabags cluttering up my cupboards and opened up some space I can use for my loose leaf teas. Everything is easy to find and pull out, and you can remove each little plastic holder to fill with ease. Tea is now so much simpler and enjoyable, and no boxes of bags lay forgotten in the back, as I discovered when I pulled out all the boxes to fill this. My shorter roommate can now reach for her teas without getting the step stool, too. The design is simple yet elegant enough to leave on the counter. I highly recommend this organizer for tea lovers." —Alexia

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99.

    6. A silverware sorter if you cringe every time you open the drawer and see your forks, knives, and spoons spilling out of their tray.

    The tray, which has five angled compartments for silverware

    Promising review: "I was a little skeptical about this, but it holds my flatware just fine, and it consolidated it all into a space 1/4 of what it was. It's a fantastic tool for keeping my kitchen drawer clutter to a minimum!" —Jenny Wilson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (also available in white).

    7. A set of refrigerator storage bins so you actually know what you have (and what you don't have!) instead of opening the fridge to see a jumbled mess and saying, "Welp, I guess I'm ordering takeout again!"

    Reviewer photo of a neatly organized fridge that utilizes the storage bins

    This six-piece set includes two wide and two narrow drawers, one can dispenser drawer, and one egg drawer.

    Promising review: "The containers are sturdy and work great! Before my fridge looked like a mess you'd find on an episode of Hoarders — now we're ready for a photo shoot with Martha Stewart! Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but truly, I couldn't get a bottle of salad dressing out before without putting three jars of jelly on the counter, knocking over a bottle of ketchup, and stepping on the dog. Now I just open the fridge, pull out the drawer, and take what I need. The dog never even has time to get underfoot!" —hari sharma

    Get them from Amazon for $47.50.

    8. A vacuum sealer to help you make space in your freezer for all your leftovers and, most important, your ice cream.,

    Promising review: "Bought this because my husband hunts and we raise our own meats. It was very easy to use. I had never used one before, but I just read the directions, and it's pretty straight forward. It did exactly as it claims. It will for sure make the deep freezer more organized!" —Mommy of 3

    Get it from Amazon for $55.19+ (available in three styles).

    9. A lid holder caddy that'll house all the tops of your food storage containers and prevent them from mysteriously disappearing.

    The plastic organizer, which has three compartments for lids

    Promising review: "This does exactly what it says it does. It holds a variety of lid sizes and fits nicely inside the cabinet. It is so nice to be able to find the exact lid you are looking for without having to rummage around inside the cabinet. I would recommend this product." —shelby2289

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    10. A hanging file organizer because your WFH station (aka the dining room table) is currently littered with what feels like 50 million pieces of paper. This'll help you take advantage of vertical space and create a home for all your clutter.

    Reviewer photo of the 10-slot organizer hanging from the back of a closet door

    Promising review: "It’s quite sturdy and durable. Looks great! Pockets are deep enough to hold the papers. It doesn’t move when you open and close the door. It saves space and solves the problem of paper clutter. I am happy with this purchase and will purchase more in the future as needed." —adamandeve

    Get it from Amazon for $10.49+ (available in four styles).

    11. A nail polish organizer for storing your polishes in a way that lets you see your entire collection at a glance. And when you're not painting your nails, just slide this under your bed so it doesn't clutter your shelves.

    Reviewer photo of the organizer, which has three rows and is see through

    Promising review: "It fits my polish perfectly. I was able to adjust some slots for the hard-to-fit bottles, and I can keep them all standing on end which is said to be better for your polish than lying on its side. I was worried that having the weight of all the polish would make the door fall open and polish spill out, but that is not the case at all. This is well-made and very handy. I have two white/clear and one pink case. I was afraid I wouldn't like the clear one at all as I am a real fan of the color pink and just didn't want it to clash with my other case. I actually love the clear case more as I can see the true colors of my polish a lot better. These cases are really great. This is a great purchase that will not disappoint." —Mama Bear

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    12. An organizational tower if your motto when it comes to cleaning is, "out of sight, out of mind." This wheeled shelf has 10 roomy drawers to hide all the random bits and bobs that you just don't want to look at anymore.,

    Promising review: "This is exactly what I needed for my art supplies! It is sturdy, and the cart rolls very well. It also has two locks on the back wheels if you choose to lock it in place. I have no issues with this set at all. It is reasonably priced for what you get. The drawers are surprisingly roomy. I have a lot of art supplies and except for my longest paintbrushes, everything else fits well." —karen

    Get it from Amazon for $41.66+ (available in three colors).

    13. A practical rolling utility cart so you can add some much-needed space to basically any room in your house. Use it in the dining room or kitchen as a bar cart, roll it into the bathroom and place your skincare and makeup on it, or put it in your bedroom to create a cozy shelf for all your knickknacks.

    The three-tiered gold shelf with wheels

    Promising review: "I was searching for a bar cart for my home but didn't want to pay a lot for it, and this was perfect! It has three shelves that come with a ton of storage space, as well as being pretty sturdy! It was easy to put together and took less than 30 minutes. I'm really pleased!" —vbc

    Get it from Novogratz on Amazon for $69.99.

    14. A chic tufted ottoman with storage to stash extra linens, pillows, blankets, board games, you name it.


    Promising review: "This storage unit is very stylish as well as being a great place to put blankets, sheets, and extra towels in our guest room. It arrived in perfect condition, was simple to assemble, and the teal green color looks great in the great and white room. We certainly recommend this storage unit." —purchasingdiva

    Get it from Amazon for $188.97.

    15. A bed frame with built-in storage underneath that'll provide you with even more hidden storage compartments.

    The bed frame lifted to reveal enough storage space for clothes, extra blankets and linens, and more

    Promising review: "Son loves the look and storage of his sneakers. I love the fact that his room looks more grownup and he has storage. Win win all around." —Heena

    Get it from Amazon for $409.99+ (available in twin, full, and queen sizes and three colors) and Wayfair for $451.77+ (originally $649; available in full and queen and two fabrics) or

    16. A space-saving hanger organizer so you can get rid of that eyesore, aka the giant tangled mass of hangers in a bin.

    Promising review: "We just moved from a two-bed to a one-bed and are trying to squeeze everything in. Anxiety is at a full-time high with all the clutter but this product helped us organize our closet while freeing up hanging space! No more random hangers here, there, and everywhere, tangled up and cluttering a room. It was SO simple to assemble. Took me maybe five minutes (tops)." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $18.30+ (also available in multipacks).

    17. A set of four under-the-bed storage boxes because they're the perfect vessel for out-of-season clothing and shoes that are taking up precious space in your closet.


    Promising review: "Great product for price. They stack on top of each other, and I LOVE that one side can open. Makes it easier to get to things without dumping out the entire contents. We use them for camping supplies, so all we do is grab and go. They stack nicely with indents for the wheels to sit on, and they have no problem rolling." —DebinUt

    Get them from Amazon for $72.42.

    18. Or some under-bed shoe bags for storing shoes of all sizes, including men's size 13 shoes and 6-inch heels. Or you could leave your shoes by the door like you usually do and trip over them every time you come inside.

    A shoe bag holding eight pairs of shoes

    Promising review: "This was a solid buy. Well-made, holds shoes of any size, zippered top is clear so you can see which shoes are inside without opening, fits perfectly under the bed, and super easy to push under/pull out from underneath the bed. I ended up with three of the 12-slot size and one of the 8-slot size. All of the shoes in my home are now organized, dust-free and protected. And when I move, I just pick up the bag! How easy! Love these." —Jenn D

    Get the 12-slot organizer on Amazon for $21.99.

    19. A sturdy, stackable shoe rack if your entryway is littered with the family's sneakers and sandals.

    Promising review: "This was SUPER easy to put together — it literally took me longer to open the box than it did for me to put the shelving together! I originally bought three and loved the look of them so much that I bought another three! It now holds ALL of our shoes in an organized row in our foyer, and now there's no clutter or mess in any of our closets. It also reminded me of ALL OF THE SHOES I own, and it's helped me to curb my shoe spending since I can now see exactly what I own! SO HAPPY with this purchase." —Joanna Kim

    Get it from Amazon for $30+ (available in multiple styles and sizes).

    20. A sturdy organizer so the snacks, water bottles, and toys strewn across your car can finally find a home...that's not the floor.

    The backseat organizer, which has a touchscreen tablet holder and drink pouches

    Promising review: "I purchased this for a 12-hour road trip with my husband, our 7-year-old, and 1.5-year-old. I needed something that could hold our son's tablet so he could watch movies and also hold toys and snacks. I drive a Honda Civic and it fit perfectly. It held DVDs, toys, two drink cups, snacks, headphones, and sticker books. We've been back for two weeks and I haven't taken it out of the car because it really keeps the backseat so much more clean and organized. I would purchase this again hands down and recommend it to anyone going on a road trip or even just someone who has kids and is tired of being embarrassed by the distressed, daycare-chic look their backseat has. I like some toys in the car for the kids, but I don't want them strewn about so this has been great!" —Jordan

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    21. A narrow cart to take full advantage of every bit of storage space in your apartment — like between your washer and dryer. It's sturdy enough to hold heavy bottles and only requires a few inches of empty space.

    Promising review: "I'll be honest, I thought the price was ridiculous for a little plastic cart. But let me tell you, it's worth it. It pays for itself the minute you load everything onto it and you see how much space it saves. I got half of my laundry room shelf back! And that's a big deal in a small apartment. I'd absolutely recommend this cart. It's durable and made of plastic so if any chemicals leak, it won't ruin anything or leak onto the floor. Couldn't be happier with it!" —Diana Krupa

    Get it from Amazon for $50.98.

    22. A spice rack that'll help you organize your favorite seasonings so you can quickly grab the oregano when the recipe calls for it. This is a purchase you'll love ~undill~ the end of ~thyme~.

    The organizer, which has three drop-down drawers and adjustable dividers

    Promising review: "Actually as advertised. And it easily fits both round and square spice containers. Not only that, but it really boosts your ego for having the forethought to buy something that will make you look like the rest of your life is just as well organized. (In my case, not true, but you'd think so if even my spices are organized so well.) It is very easy to clean, too." —Dreagon

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (also available in black).

    23. An over-the-door jewelry cabinet because at first it looks like a mirror and then *bam* you open it up and there's tons of space for storing your necklaces and earrings.


    Inside are six LED lights so you can easily see your pieces. Plus, you can mount it to the wall *and* there's a lock to prevent nosy people from checking out your jewels.

    Promising review: "My husband got this for me for Christmas. It’s perfect! I hung it over or closet door. It holds earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and a ton of the miscellaneous things that clutter up your area. I love the light that comes on when you open it since our room doesn’t have great lighting." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in five colors).

    24. And if that reveal didn't impress you, a beanbag chair for storing all your kiddo's stuffed animals *and* providing a comfy place to sit. That's right, you can unzip it and store toys inside. Bye bye clutter!

    Child model sitting on the large beanbag chair, which can fit dozens of stuffed animals depending on the size

    Promising review: "My daughter has over 40 stuffed animals and this thing holds ALL of them! It keeps everything off of the floor and I even stuffed a heavy comforter in there to free up drawer space. I packed this thing and haven't had any issues with the zipper at all." —Chelsea

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97 (available in three colors)

    25. A rolling laundry sorter with four slots if you're tired of having multiple hampers to sort your delicates from clothes you plan on bleaching or just one hamper that's constantly overflowing.

    The hamper

    Promising review: "The separate bins help me keep each kid's laundry separate so laundry duty is a little easier. I wrote each kid's name on the front of each compartment with fabric paint, and voila! Instant laundry system. I like that each bag comes out for easy transport to the laundry room, and the bags are big enough to fit several days' worth of clothing. It's pretty easy to assemble." —Primemama

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in three colors).

    26. Some space-saving vacuum storage bags so you can shrink down all your bulky winter sweaters and thick comforters and hide them in the closet without taking up so much space.

    Promising review: "It’s amazing how much these bags compress. Plus you can see what’s in them without opening multiple bins. I packed RV bedding (pillows/comforter) in one jumbo bag. They are great for travel, too, just compress wrinkle free items prior to placing in suitcase." —Mary

    Get a variety pack of six on Amazon for $29.99.

    27. An overhead storage rack that'll give you even more space to store and organize your stuff so you don't feel overwhelmed by clutter the minute you step into your garage.

    The storage racks hanging from the ceiling of a garage

    Promising review: "If you're wanting storage for your garage and have 10-foot ceilings this is the ticket. Installation is involved but I was able to do it as a one man job. It took me a whole day but I was particular about it's position and considered the constraints of surrounding space and aesthetics. This holds a total of 16 18-gallon totes...16!!! It occupies otherwise unused space, standard shelving occupies valuable floor space. Keep your garage clean and organized, this is absolutely worth the money." —Amazon Customer

    Get one on Amazon for $174.99+ (available in three styles).

    28. A mid-century modern console because 1. it's beautiful and 2. it's a great add to any entryway (or any room of the house, for that matter!) that's lacking storage space.

    The console, which is a dark walnut and has two horizontal drawers on one side and a shelf on the other side

    Promising review: "I love the quality and look of this console table. It’s a very affordable mid-century modern piece. We have young children so we are able to store all their puzzles and games in the ample storage. It completely transformed and updated our entryway!" —Lucy N.

    Get it from Novogratz on Amazon for $175.99.

    29. A cable raceway kit for helping you consolidate your cords and hide them so you're not distracted by ugly wires when you're watching TV. Plus, this is held up with a strong adhesive so you don't have to ruin your rental apartment's walls by drilling into the drywall.

    Before photo of messy cables next to after photo of the raceway covering the cords

    Promising review: "This product worked great for cleaning up my mess of cables/power cords going to my wall-mounted TV. The plastic is sturdy yet easily cut to proper length. I did however, use a T-type expandable wall anchor because I was attaching it to exterior stucco wall. The channels are large enough to accommodate numerous cords, and the covers snap firmly in place." —TheoLogic1

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95+ (available in two colors and two lengths).

    30. And a power cord box if the area under your work desk is a jumbled mess of cables. This box will hide your cords and protect them from being accidentally unplugged.

    Promising review: "This is such a simple idea, yet so useful. I really hate seeing tangled cords and having a mess in my workspace. This was a solid purchase, for sure. I like that the box is large enough to easily fit a surge protector in there but also has room to store some cord slack as well. It comes with several Velcro cord wraps that work very well up keep the excess cable length cleanly out of the way, as well as some nylon-like tubing that you could also use if you're running your cords at further distances." —N. Lee

    Get it from Amazon for $27.45 (also available in white).

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