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    Knives, Cookware, And Kitchen Essentials Are 20% Off At Misen's Fourth Of July Sale

    That's a good deal no matter how you ~slice and dice~ it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We like saving, yes we do! We like saving, how 'bout you? Yes? OK, cool! Well, right now you can save 20% off at Misen's Fourth of July sale!

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    Just enter promo code JULY21 at checkout to save until July 4.

    We're talking 20% off knives, cookware, and prep tools so you can ~bring it~ in the kitchen. Ready to see what sweet deals you can snag?

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    1. A versatile chef's knife that blends the best of Western and Japanese design to make for a premium slicing, dicing, and chopping experience. Plus Misen knives come with free sharpening for life.

    Model holding the knife with blue handle

    Promising review: "As a lifetime pursuer of 'the perfect knife,' I have accumulated a very large amount of them. From moderate to expensive, all claimed to be the best! Nope, not true! Then I tried the Misen Chef's Knife. The first thing I noticed was how well the fit and balance was. Perfect. Then the, it really does cut an onion as thinly sliced as I saw in the ads. I went on to cut anything that I could get my hands on... Perfection at last! Another good thing is that I don't have to worry about sharpening incorrectly because I can send it to Misen for free lifetime sharpening. I store mine in the nice box that it came in with the tip protector on. I'm 59 years young and this will be the last knife that I ever need to buy!" —Michele H.

    Price: $52 (originally $65)

    2. A paring knife that's like a younger sibling to your chef's knife. It's perfectly sized to make all the super fine, detailed cuts you can't achieve with a bulkier knife.

    paring knife cutting a peeled lime

    Promising review: "This is a great knife. It feels wonderful in your hand and is very sharp. It has just the right amount of heft for hand control. I highly recommend." —Kathryn C.

    Price: $24 (originally $30; available in three colors)

    3. A stainless-steel skillet because it's a kitchen essential you'll grab for most of your cooking. It's fantastic for searing, sautéing, browning, and more. This one also has an ergonomic stay-cool handle so you (fingers crossed!) have fewer accidents in the kitchen.

    Fish and fruit cooking in the pan

    Promising review: "I could not be happier. These are made with excellent craftsmanship. Each detail is thoughtfully designed to make cooking easier and more fun. I actually enjoy using them and cleanup is so easy. Thank you!!!!!!" —BARBARA W.

    Price: $44 for an 8-inch skillet (originally $55; available in larger sizes and bundles)

    4. A serrated knife — aka a bread knife — so you don't smush your crusty sourdough when you go to slice it.


    Promising review: "I absolutely love this serrated knife! My boyfriend got me the other four and I love them also. My knife cuts are so much cleaner and my arms aren't as tired. I had to slice 1000 crostinis for work and it took me no time at all! I hope you will be making more knives soon! Really need a boning, cleaver, and carving knife! Thank you so much!" —Susan V.

    Price: $48 (originally $60; available in three colors)

    5. An essentials-only knife set if you're short on space but want your kitchen to be properly stocked.

    The knife set with blue handles on a cutting board

    The three-piece set comes with a chef's knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife. The five-piece set also includes a santoku knife and a utility knife.

    Promising review: "These knives are some of they best I have come in contact with. They are easy to sharpen and hold a sharp blade for a long time. I cook professionally and I will take these where ever I go! Thank you!" —Nicholas G.

    Price: $104+ (originally $155+; available as a three- or five-piece set)

    6. A starter cookware set with all the pans you need to make like 95% of the meals you're craving. They're made with five layers of steel for premium heat conduction *and* retention (read: they get hot and they stay hot).


    It comes with a 10-inch skillet, a 3-quart saucier + lid, and a 3-quart sauté pan.

    Promising review: "When I tell you these pans changed my life!!! OMG. I researched the best pans for an electric stove and I ended up choosing Misen — thank God! The pans conduct and distribute heat so evenly. Nothing sticks all food comes right off. I’ve made 10–20 dishes and they are tried and true. Plus they allow you to use them for 14 days, and if you hate them (which you won’t) you can return them for a full refund. Can’t beat it!! Your search is over. Spend the money. Buy this cookware!" —Seana R.

    Price: $180 (originally $245)

    7. A nonstick pan for all the delicate items — like eggs, pancakes, fish, and more — you want on your plate (and in your stomach!) rather than stuck to the bottom of the pan.

    Hand pouring pancake batter into the pan

    Promising review: "I have purchased a complete stainless-steel set and the 8-inch nonstick when I was in culinary school for making omelets. My original pan was somehow damaged. I'm going to blame a roommate who didn't know or just didn't ask how to handle good cookware. I ordered the new one and the performance is excellent. I made Denver omelets this morning" —Jason M. D.

    Price: $44 for a 10-inch pan (originally $55; available in larger sizes and bundles)

    8. A magnetic knife strip to maximize storage in your kitchen and show off your blades — which are surprisingly stylish compared to the ones you own now.

    five knives with blue handles attached to the dark wood magnetic strip

    Promising review: "Working in cramped kitchen with low counters and struggling for safe clean space, this is checking all the boxes!" —Jeff S.

    Price: $56 (originally $70)

    9. A sharpening stone so your blades are ready for whatever task you throw at 'em. Misen knives come with free sharpening for life, but if you'd prefer to do it yourself at home, these are worth adding to your cart.


    Promising review: "If you use your knives often you need a good whetstone. This has two grades to really put a fine edge on your knives." —robert m.

    Price: $24 (originally $30; available in three grits and as a bundle)

    10. A complete cookware set if you're ready to toss out the mismatched pots and pans you've been using since college and start all over with a high-quality set that'll last you a lifetime.

    The set

    This comes with two skillets (10-inch and 12-inch), a 3-quart sauté, a 6-quart rondeau, two sauciers (2-quart and 3-quart), and an 8-quart stockpot.

    Promising review: "Perfectly crafted heavyweight cookware I would have definitely used in my restaurants (retired). These pans are flawless and IMHO they are better than top of the line name brand cookware costing over four times as much, which validates my perspective that those brands were excessively overcharging us over the years. If you are considering buying a traditional high-end these instead." —Steve W.

    Price: $340 (originally $605)

    11. A universal lid that'll create an air-tight seal to keep your food piping hot or to preserve leftovers.

    a large blue lid in a model's hand and a smaller gray lid half on a bowl

    Promising review: "I got this lid on a whim while ordering a pan. SO glad I did! I've used it numerous times already on the stove top and in the microwave. Cleanup is a snap! The thing is awesome, and I plan on getting more. My only complaint would be when boiling water for instance, the steam is able to bubble out from under the lid; the lid isn't heavy enough to stay down like a fitted glass lid for instance. I still love it though and I use it all the time." —Kris W.

    Price: $8+ (originally $10+; available in three sizes and as a bundle)

    12. A pan protector to keep your precious cookware from getting scratched or chipped when you stack 'em.


    Promising review: "I think the protectors are valuable to keep the investment I made purchasing pans. They work easily and nicely." —MAEVE B.

    Price: $5.60 (originally $7; also available as a two-pack)

    13. A silicone spatula for mixing, scraping, and dislodging stuck-on food without damaging your stainless-steel or nonstick cookware like metal utensils can.

    Hand spooning batter out of a bowl with the spatula

    Promising review: "This spatula has a great stiffness yet the chiseled edge allows you to move food cleanly. I need to get more to use with my nonstick skillets as well as the stainless cookware." —Letha D.

    Price: $9.60 (originally $12)

    Now head on over to Misen to score 20% off kitchen essentials until July 4! Go on, get! I don't want to hear another word! (And don't forget to enter JULY21 at checkout!)

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity. 

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