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    Knives, Cookware, And Kitchen Essentials Are 20% Off At Misen's Fourth Of July Sale

    That's a good deal no matter how you ~slice and dice~ it.

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    We like saving, yes we do! We like saving, how 'bout you? Yes? OK, cool! Well, right now you can save 20% off at Misen's Fourth of July sale!

    We're talking 20% off knives, cookware, and prep tools so you can ~bring it~ in the kitchen. Ready to see what sweet deals you can snag?

    1. A versatile chef's knife that blends the best of Western and Japanese design to make for a premium slicing, dicing, and chopping experience. Plus Misen knives come with free sharpening for life.

    Model holding the knife with blue handle

    2. A paring knife that's like a younger sibling to your chef's knife. It's perfectly sized to make all the super fine, detailed cuts you can't achieve with a bulkier knife.

    paring knife cutting a peeled lime

    3. A stainless-steel skillet because it's a kitchen essential you'll grab for most of your cooking. It's fantastic for searing, sautéing, browning, and more. This one also has an ergonomic stay-cool handle so you (fingers crossed!) have fewer accidents in the kitchen.

    Fish and fruit cooking in the pan

    4. A serrated knife — aka a bread knife — so you don't smush your crusty sourdough when you go to slice it.

    5. An essentials-only knife set if you're short on space but want your kitchen to be properly stocked.

    The knife set with blue handles on a cutting board

    6. A starter cookware set with all the pans you need to make like 95% of the meals you're craving. They're made with five layers of steel for premium heat conduction *and* retention (read: they get hot and they stay hot).

    7. A nonstick pan for all the delicate items — like eggs, pancakes, fish, and more — you want on your plate (and in your stomach!) rather than stuck to the bottom of the pan.

    Hand pouring pancake batter into the pan

    8. A magnetic knife strip to maximize storage in your kitchen and show off your blades — which are surprisingly stylish compared to the ones you own now.

    five knives with blue handles attached to the dark wood magnetic strip

    9. A sharpening stone so your blades are ready for whatever task you throw at 'em. Misen knives come with free sharpening for life, but if you'd prefer to do it yourself at home, these are worth adding to your cart.

    10. A complete cookware set if you're ready to toss out the mismatched pots and pans you've been using since college and start all over with a high-quality set that'll last you a lifetime.

    The set

    11. A universal lid that'll create an air-tight seal to keep your food piping hot or to preserve leftovers.

    a large blue lid in a model's hand and a smaller gray lid half on a bowl

    12. A pan protector to keep your precious cookware from getting scratched or chipped when you stack 'em.

    13. A silicone spatula for mixing, scraping, and dislodging stuck-on food without damaging your stainless-steel or nonstick cookware like metal utensils can.

    Hand spooning batter out of a bowl with the spatula

    Now head on over to Misen to score 20% off kitchen essentials until July 4! Go on, get! I don't want to hear another word! (And don't forget to enter JULY21 at checkout!)