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    25 Low-Effort Ways To Keep Your Workspace Clean

    Cleaning for lazy people? It me.

    1. Purge, purge, purge! There's no need to organize things you don't use. Leave room only for the essentials so you can make cleaning in the future a lot less painful and time consuming.

    2. Get a mini trash can to hold all your garbage — and maybe your hopes and dreams — because we know you're too lazy to get up and toss your tea bags and sticky notes in the office's big trash can.

    3. Organize the jumble of cords at your desk with a pack of cable clips. This way you're not rooting around every morning trying to find your laptop charger only for your boss to walk in and find you half under your desk.

    4. Speaking of cables, purchase a cellphone stand so your device is always easy to access. There's a hole in the back through which you can string your charger so it doesn't create a tangled mess on your desk.

    5. Buy a keyboard cleaner so you can say goodbye to that annoying crumb that's stuck between your R and T keys and is making it really hard to type. Smushing this lemon-scented slime on your keyboard is weirdly soothing and the end result is dust-free keys.

    6. Suck up leftover crumbs from lunch with a cute ladybug desk vacuum. And if beetles aren't your thing, might we suggest this ~udderly~ adorable mini cow vacuum?

    7. Keep a stackable letter tray nearby so you can sort your papers into different categories. This set comes with six trays and you can use one, two, or all of them. A simple productivity hack is to designate one tray for new papers that still need your attention and one tray for papers you've reviewed and need to file.

    8. If trays aren't your thing, sort your papers into accordion folders by category so you know exactly where to look when your boss asks for "that thing" from "that really important meeting last month" and says they need it on their desk ASAP.

    9. Or, go vertical with a cascading wall organizer. Now you have a designated space for copies of all the reports your boss asked you to write and then never read. 🙃

    10. Invest in a portable label maker so you know which folder is which. Also! Using a label maker is basically the most fun activity you can do it work, and that's a fact.

    11. Take advantage of empty space with under-desk headphone hooks. You can also loop your chargers around them so your legs aren't constantly entangled in cables. Or! Keep your purse on the hook instead of on your desk where it only gets in the way.

    12. Condense your belongings in adjustable shelves you can rotate to fit your storage needs. This way you can prevent clutter from taking over every inch of space on your desk.

    13. Use a bamboo monitor stand to a. protect your neck against strain from having to constantly look down (screens should only be about 30 degrees below eye level) and b. create additional pockets for storage. Now you can store your keyboard under the riser, and there are even built-in slots for all your essentials.

    14. Install a document clip for your computer so you can keep track of that one really important paper that will almost definitely get lost in the dumpster fire that is your desk. This way it's practically impossible to miss.

    15. Declutter with a desk drawer organizer that'll basically make you feel like you're playing Tetris IRL. Be mindful about what you're keeping and toss anything you know you won't need or don't use.

    16. House your stationery in this nifty desk organizer instead of spread all over your desk and in random drawers.

    17. Add a stick-on drawer underneath your desk for extra storage (or turn this drawer into your hidden snack stash).

    18. Wave goodbye to your paper clutter with an eight-sheet shredder. And make sure you play with the paper confetti before you toss it out! (It's the little things, OK?)

    19. Ditch the paper entirely with a portable scanner that'll upload your work to your computer so you have a digital version.

    20. Forgo the sticky notes that'll end up cluttering your desk (or mysteriously vanishing when you need them most) and try an old-fashioned notebook. Now all your important notes are in one place instead of spread across your office.

    21. If you can't be parted from your beloved sticky notes or just want to add another layer of organization to your notebook, try these tabbed sticky dividers that nearly 2,000 people swear by for helping them getting their lives in order.

    22. Stay organized with a dry-erase wall calendar that is literally too big to ignore. Finishing one task before moving onto something else is a great way to keep your workspace clean (or at least cleaner) because it means you're only working on one project at once versus working on many simultaneously, which leads to more paperwork on your desk and more mess.

    23. Spend the last five minutes of each work day wiping down your desk (we love this multipurpose cleaner!) throwing away trash, and returning your coffee mug to the kitchen. Coming to work the next morning with a clean desk is a nice way to start the day.

    24. And don't forget to erase smudges and fingerprints on your monitor! This screen cleaner works on flat screens, laptops, tablets, smartphones, touch screens, and even eyeglasses.

    25. Tidy your desktop, too! Digital clutter can distract you and reduce your efficiency, especially if you're looking for something specific and none of your files are named. (LOL good luck finding it!) Seriously, if your screen is a nightmarish jumble of icons, please, please, please make some folders and trash the rest.

    Is that a clean workspace I see? There's only one way to properly celebrate!

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