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    26 Shorts So You Can Have Fun In The Sun *And* Cover Your Bum

    All the cutest shorts that won't show your cheeks. 🍑

    1. Breathable drawstring shorts you can easily dress up or down.

    2. Belted skorts that prove there's more to you than meets the eye.

    3. Rolled denim shorts because they are a wardrobe staple. Fold the hem or wear them unrolled for a more casual vibe.

    4. Bike shorts for those days when it's too hot for regular leggings. Bonus: Wear them under your skirts to prevent chafing, AKA the worst thing about summer.

    5. Comfy shorts to slip on over your bathing suit — seriously, you'll want to always have these in your beach bag.

    6. Cotton pom-pom shorts that'll shine whether you wear them over a bathing suit or with a going out top.

    7. Soft lounge shorts for those days when it's too hot to function.

    8. Pineapple-printed chino shorts because nothing can say, "I'm fun" like bright yellow fruits.

    9. Cuffed black high-waisted shorts to pair with all your summery crop tops.

    10. Polka-dotted shorts so everyone can ~spot~ how stylish you are from a mile away.

    11. Paperbag shorts you can wear to the office and date night with your partner.

    12. Scalloped-hem shorts you'll find a picture of in the dictionary under the word "classy."

    13. Cute eyelet shorts that'll earn you a ton of compliments. Be prepared to get tired of saying, "thank you."

    14. Lightweight linen shorts for when just the thought of walking outside has you sweating.

    15. Wrinkle-free jersey shorts so no one has to know you slept in them too. Yes, they're that comfy!

    16. Pastel corduroy shorts that I want for myself so BRB gonna add those to my cart now.

    17. Striped bike shorts because they are this season's "it shorts" and will go with E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

    18. Office-appropriate high-waisted paperbag shorts that'll help you earn your ~stripes~.

    19. Cotton sailor shorts so you can cruise into summer in style.

    20. Stretchy denim shorts because how can you say no to seconds of yummy summer barbecue foods?

    21. Faded denim shorts that look perfectly worn in — no need to break in these bad boys!

    22. Floral shorts with a matching top so you don't spend an hour staring at your closet thinking, "I have nothing to wear."

    23. Timeless white shorts because now you'll always look put together.

    24. Statement-making floral print shorts so you can throw on a plain T-shirt and go, plus a solid-colored version that goes with anything.

    25. Bright-colored high-waisted shorts because every day should be ~mango~ificent.

    26. No-nonsense camo shorts that can't hide how awesomely stylish you are.

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