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    24 Things That’ll Help Personalize Your Locker

    Your locker will be the place to be.

    1. A folding locker shelf to double your storage in an instant. Stack them one on top of the other so there's even more room for all your textbooks and journals.

    2. Or! A set of hanging shelves that expand from two slots to three so you never run out of room. Plus, it has an open back for bulkier items like binders and lunch boxes. But wait, there's more: mesh pockets on the side to hold everything from packs of colored pencils, your protractor, calculator, and folders!

    3. A pom pom curtain for adding the perfect finishing touch on any locker. The four strands are attached to a magnetic strip that you can attach to the front or back of your locker.

    4. An air freshener that'll keep your locker smelling absolutely delightful, while simultaneously making you laugh. Do you know what the worst part of prison is? Dementors — but not like the ones in Harry Potter because there are no movies in prison.

    5. A locker accessory kit so you can take the guesswork out of decorating. It comes with a mirror, pencil box, dry-erase board, a roll of nonstick wallpaper, and magnets. Just think, with all this free time, you can finally finish your summer reading...

    6. A chic, minimalist prism locker light to illuminate even the darkest locker.

    7. A set of magnetic wallpaper strips for personalizing your locker. They're tear-resistant so you can toss in your books and binders without worrying about damaging the wallpaper.

    8. Or! A sheet of marble contact paper that'll give you the same results for cheap — though you will have to cut it to the correct dimensions of your locker. It's oil-proof and waterproof, so it can stand up to spills. And it's easy to remove at the end of the school year or whenever you feel like your locker needs a makeover.

    9. A faux-fur shaggy locker rug to give your locker a luxe feel, but more importantly, IT'S. SO. FLUFFY!!! 🦄

    10. A set of hilarious dog butt magnets for holding your notes, important test and due-date reminders, and photos of friends and family.

    11. A magnetic disco ball light that'll get the locker party started. The only other things you'll need are some good tunes and very bad dance moves.

    12. A handy dry-erase weekly calendar so you can stay on top of homework, tests, and semester-long projects. Plus, it's magnetized so you can hang it in your locker and see your week at a glance.

    13. A ~paw~sitively adorable pack of cute sticky notes for anyone who wants to escape the sadness of no more summer and tests every week, while still remembering due dates.

    14. A heavy-duty magnetic holder to easily store your pens, pencils, and highlighters so you can stop asking your desk neighbor to borrow a pencil — unless you have a crush on your desk neighbor, in which case you should definitely "forget" your pencils.

    15. A fun tropical-print magnetic LED sign so you're reminded to look forward to all of life's excitements — like lunch!

    16. A felt letter board that'll encourage you to write yourself inspiring messages and funny quotes. It's magnetic and comes with 690 multi-sized letters, symbols (!), and emojis (👍) so you can truly let the words flow.

    17. A string of battery-powered fairy lights for making any locker look magical. These mini lights are teeny-tiny so they won't get in the way of your books and binders. Plus, they're LED bulbs, meaning they'll last you all year...and the next...and the one after that.

    18. A handy LED magnifying mirror so you can check your makeup (love that new lipstick, girl!!!) and fix your hair between classes.

    19. An inspirational print for hanging in your locker to motivate you to stay strong, even when you're struggling with a certain class or trying to make new friends.

    20. A touch-activated light strip to brighten your dark, bottom-row locker. The bulbs are on a swivel so you don't blind yourself every time you turn it on.

    21. A pineapple bulletin board for pinning important reminders, your favorite photos, and random knickknacks.

    22. A pack of Command hooks that'll save the day when your locker accessories aren't magnetized.

    23. A set of cute magnetic clothespins so you can display pretty cards and important memos, and transform your locker into a work of art.

    24. A personalized monogram sticker to add the perfect amount of character to your locker without going over-the-top.

    Party at your locker!

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