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    35 Gifts So Great They'll Wonder If Someone’s Secretly Been Listening To Their Conversations

    Let them think you have mind-reading powers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

    Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

    1. A Jeopardy 2022 daily calendar (RIP Alex Trebek) for testing your trivia-loving giftee's knowledge (and yours too!). Alex, what is "the best gift ever?"

    question for february 4 2022 that asks "blank in a product from V8, it follows the words 'bloody mary'"

    2. Hand Lettering 101 if they want to improve their penmanship. Also, Meghan Markle did calligraphy before she met Prince Harry, and I'm not saying that this book will help them marry their own prince, but I'm also not saying that that is outside the realm of possibility.

    3. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, a fast-paced card-slapping game so they can destroy their family and friends at the next game night.

    the game box and cards, which have cute illustrations on them

    4. The new AirPods Pro for Dad, who is constantly on work calls and who swears you're breathing too loud even though you're in the other room. These'll block out the distracting noise of roommates, nearby construction, downstairs neighbors, and more with active noise cancellation. And there's Transparency mode when he wants to still be able to hear what's going on around him — like when Mom screams that it's time for dinner.

    the airpods in their case

    5. A 2022 Bubble Wrap calendar because you shouldn't underestimate the daily thrill they'll experience of popping each bubble.

    the calendar on a wall with each day being a bubble you pop

    6. A screaming goat that'll accurately portray their mood 99% of the time. It sits on a tree stump and shrieks whenever you touch it, and all I can say is "same."

    The screaming goat and a mini booklet of screaming goats

    7. An immersive Oculus Quest 2 if they've been itching to give virtual reality a try. It'll take gaming, exercising, and even just movie watching to a whole new level.

    two models in active poses wearing the white headset over their eyes

    8. Mario Party Superstars so you can secretly get yourself a gift too. Use multiplayer mode (up to four players) and race your friends and family to collect the most stars. And with Superstars, you can play using five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games.

    9. A gift card to The Adventure Challenge so your favorite couple can add some spontaneity to their relationship with a book of scratch-off dates. Each activity is a surprise until you scratch it off. You'll also get an instant camera so you can snap a pic of all the fun you have during each challenge.

    The book with a photo of a happy couple

    10. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for the minimalist who's in desperate need of a good read but who also hates the idea of cluttering their home with more books.

    the Kindle in a pink folding case

    11. A pound of cereal marshmallows, because as much as they love you, they've tolerated you eating the marshmallows from their box of Lucky Charms for far, far, far too long.

    Reviewer with the bag of cereal marshmallows

    12. A National Geographic geode kit that'll make for a ~smashing~ gift. Now hand me those goggles, please!

    13. A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker with a built-in strap so The Force (and the beats) are always with them.

    14. A scavenger hunt through Airbnb Experiences to get the gang back together...well...virtually. If you and your roomies moved to different states during the pandemic, this will bring reunite everyone for a few hours of challenging fun, kooky missions, virtual prizes, and a lot of laughs.

    15. A craft kit because it's two gifts in one! They'll learn sewing basics and *and* create a fox friend complete with mix-and-match clothing and accessories.

    16. A Grande Cosmetics lash serum that'll give them the look of lash extensions without the hassle of having to make appointments for fill-ins. It's stuffed with amino acids, peptides, and vitamins that may make their lashes look longer and thicker.

    reviewer photo of their lashes in february, march, and april and you can tell that their lashes get longer and thicker looking as the months progress

    17. A Lego movie activity kit if they've watched every episode of Lego Masters and want to put their Lego-building skills to the test. This movie-making kit also challenges their story-building skills while introducing them to the world of stop motion animation.

    18. An adorable squishy night light so they can create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing night in after a long day of dealing with people. Cycle between seven colors and light modes with a gentle tap.

    19. A Carhartt beanie to keep their noggin warm this winter. And it comes in enough cute colors that you'll maybe wanna grab one for yourself too!

    reviewer wearing the dark gray version, which folds and has a Carhartt logo patch on it

    20. A drone because your nieces and nephews have managed to bring up in conversation how much they want one practically every time you talk.

    hand using a white and black remote to control the drone, which has blue and green LED lights

    21. A versatile Always Pan from Our Place that'll get the job done and look good while doing it. At the intersection of style and function is this pan, which has a steamer basket, a built-in easy-pour spout, and a nesting spatula.

    Green pan on a counter

    22. A rock climbing mug if your giftee wants to challenge their grip strength. This'll ~hold~ a special place in their heart *and* in the front of their cabinet so it's always the first mug they grab.

    23. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription so they don't wake up one morning to make the horrifying discovery that they're out of java. They'll receive freshly roasted single-origin beans or grounds every two or four weeks, ensuring they're always properly caffeinated.

    Bags of coffee and mugs of coffee artfully arranged

    24. InStyler Glossie to shorten the straightening process for folks with thick, coily hair. The paddle offers more surface area for your strands, meaning it needs fewer passes to straighten.

    25. Or a Chi automatic curling iron for protecting your injury-prone friend's fingers from burns. All they have to do is insert their hair into the chamber and the curler will automatically wrap it around the heated rod. It'll beep when the curl has set and that's it!

    26. A Tamagotchi Pix that'll keep them busy as they raise a Tamagotchi pet, find new virtual friends, go on play dates, earn Gotchi points, and even take pictures — a brand-new feature.

    the pink Tamagotchi

    27. A pack of claw clips if they want a stylish and Gen Z-approved way to hold up their hair. Reviewers say they're strong and durable, even for thicker hair.

    an orange, green, and pink claw clip

    28. A tube of Glossier Balm Dotcom so they can finally see what all the hype is about. This moisturizing lip treatment is made with castor oil, lanolin, and beeswax to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier.

    Model wearing balm dotcom in fig

    29. A pair of fleece-lined joggers to keep their legs nice and toasty if they're always freezing cold.

    30. A set of two 1,000-piece murder mystery puzzles for putting their sleuthing skills to use. Once they assemble the puzzle, read the included booklet and try to figure out whodunnit.

    The two puzzles

    31. A black bath bomb because goths take baths too. Let them escape other humans and turn their bathroom into a relaxing retreat. (And don't worry, reviewers say it won't stain the tub!)

    32. A teeth-whitening pen if and only if they've literally said, "Please buy this for me." (Because now is not the time to surprise your partner at the family's annual Christmas morning gift-unwrapping and have your in-laws think you think your partner's teeth are yellow.) It brightens without the irritation of whitening strips that slip and slide, and each pen can be used ~20 times.

    Reviewer before and after showing the pen noticeably whitened their yellow teeth

    33. A wireless transmitter so your jet-setting buddy can connect their wireless Bluetooth headphones to wired headphone jacks. This means they'll be able to hear their favorite TV shows on their next flight instead of watching The Office with no sound.

    the white plug-in converter

    34. Pixicade — a mobile game maker to transform their drawings into animated games they can play on a phone or tablet. Yep, you read that right. All they need to do is draw, snap a pic, and a playable animated version will come to life.

    a child's drawing and them playing a game of their drawing on an iPad

    You taking notes every time someone says they want something so you can "surprise" them during the holidays: