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    17 Things For Anyone With Outdoor Pest Problems

    Everyone wants a pet deer until it eats their entire flower garden overnight.

    1. A set of two mosquito-repeller lanterns that'll create a 15-foot skeeter-free zone *and* blend in seamlessly with your backyard decor. No more dinners and strict outdoor aesthetics will be ruined by mosquitoes and ugly lanterns.

    The mosquito-repelling lantern, which looks likes lawn decor

    2. Or a mosquito-repelling camping lantern if you want a portable and powerful option. No more sprays, lotions, citronella candles, and — most importantly, mosquitoes.

    The lantern

    3. A box of mosquito-repellent incense sticks to ward off buzzing blood-suckers within a 12 foot radius for up to 2.5 hours. They're made with rosemary, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, cedarwood, and bamboo so they won't offend your nose.

    The green stick burning in an incense holder

    4. A camping hammock with built-in netting for preventing any mosquitoes from terrorizing your shut-eye.

    5. A bug bite suction tool, because those pesky bloodsuckers take no breaks — and neither do you. It's designed to actually suck out venom, saliva, and irritants on your skin that may be causing swelling and itching.

    Reviewer progression photo showing the tool reduced swelling after a mosquito bite until it was practically unnoticeable

    6. And speaking of bugs, a pack of disgustingly effective sticky traps so you can snag those pesky gnats that are terrorizing your herbs.

    7. A nontoxic disposable hanging fly trap that'll lure in buzzing pests. Once the bag is full, simply discard it!

    Reviewer photo of the bag, which is filled with flies

    8. Or a fly stick if you're ready to claim victory over annoying winged insects. Just add a drop of honey or syrup and watch them flock like flies to, well, honey.

    Reviewer photo of their fly stick covered in flies

    9. Some Irish Spring soap to deter the furry critters and pests from having a nibble in your vegetable garden. Seriously, cutting this soap into cubes and spreading it around your garden in mesh bags can ward off hungry wildlife as they hate the smell.

    The soap

    10. Or a deer-repelling spray for keeping Bambi out of your precious flower garden.

    The spray bottle

    11. A set of ant bait stakes because the only thing worse than an outdoor ant infestation is when they move indoors. This'll tell those creepy crawlies to find a new backyard.

    Reviewer photo of the bait traps covered in ants

    12. A heavy-duty garbage strap so you can prevent your trash cans from becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet for the bears and raccoons. Installation is permanent and doesn't require any tools!

    Reviewer photo of the strap on their large garbage can

    13. A set of scare cats with reflective eyes that'll frighten away rodents, birds, stray cats, rabbits, and other wildlife humanely.

    The black scare cats, which are about the size of a real cat and have reflective eyes

    14. A set of bird-repelling discs if your outdoor dining set is covered in bird poop. Sunlight reflecting off the discs will scare birds away so you can enjoy your lounge chairs without fear of being mistaken for a toilet.

    Reviewer photo of the shiny silver discs, which come on a chain of three

    15. Or a more high-tech pest repellent to specifically target whatever creature you're dealing with. It has five different sensitivities for different animals and emits an ultrasonic sound that you can't hear but that will chase away unwelcome guests. As if that wasn't fancy enough, it also has a motion detector that will trigger the ultrasonic sound.

    The repellant showing the different animals it deters, like chipmunks, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and snakes

    16. A mesh plant cover for keeping thieving fingers, paws, or claws from stealing the fruits of your labor. Each bag comes with a drawstring you can tie tight around the base of your plant or pot to protect it from destructive pests and bad weather.

    Reviewer photo of the mesh bag over their potted strawberry plant

    17. Or a larger plant cover because you want to safeguard your garden beds from hungry critters, strong sun, or cold weather (depending on where you live!).

    reviewer pier of the net-like covers over long raised garden beds

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