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    25 Low-Effort Ways To Keep Your Yard Clean

    "My back...don't hurt for once thanks to my standing weeder." —You for the first time ever after doing lawn work.

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    1. Make cleaning...dare I with a Sun Joe pressure washer that'll ~blow you away~ with its results.

    Reviewer photo of wood planks and you can clearly see where it's been cleaned with the pressure washer

    2. ~Re-leaf~ your knees and back with a pair of leaf scoops when you're tidying your garden. These are great for picking up leaves that fall after a heavy rain as well as cleaning up dead leaves in the fall.

    Model holding the scoops and transferring a large handful of leaves into a trash can

    3. Grab a standing weeder — it has three steel claws that grip weeds and roots so you can pull them out while standing. I think we can all agree that the worst part of yard work is having to kneel for hours plucking weeds. My back hurts just thinking about it!

    4. Or reach for your hand weeder if you don't need a bulky weeder but you *do* need to pluck a few weeds in your yard. The design doesn't include screws so you don't have to worry about it coming apart over time.

    5. Satisfy your inner perfectionist with a cordless shear and shrubber trimmer to ensure that your hedges are always neatly manicured and the exact same height. Its compact size makes it great for hard-to-reach areas, as well as maintaining teeny tiny yards.

    6. Swap to a Greenworks cordless lawn mower and ditch the hassle, noise, and smell of gas and corded mowers Its 40V battery gives it enough juice for 45 minutes of mowing, making it a great option for small to medium size lawns. This lawn mower could convince even Hank Hill to leave sweet lady propane.

    7. Corral the inflatable unicorn, beach balls, and pool noodles that are currently littering your lawn in a rolling pool organizer. *sigh*

    blue mesh organizer holding pool noodles and toys

    8. Hide unsightly bare patches with a weather-resistant wooden path. This 8-foot pathway can help you get from point A to point B in style *and* protect your lawn. Plus it comes joined so you can plop it anywhere you're envisioning a new walkway. And when it needs to be cleaned, just hose it off with water!

    Reviewer photo of the pathway in their garden

    9. Slap on a fresh coat of porch paint if your deck of patio is looking a little rough. What better way to get rid of old stains than to cover 'em!

    a reviewer's wood deck that's faded and is half painted over with gray paint

    10. Trim dead limbs and branches using your brand spankin' new pole chainsaw. Do it *now* instead of cursing yourself *later* when they fall and damage your house.

    Close-up of of the saw cutting a tree branch

    11. Or get to chopping with a 28-inch power-lever lopper so you have plenty of control (and you can get in an arm workout at the same time!). The Power-Lever technology creates leverage so you don't have to push as hard to snip snip snip through branches.

    12. Spare your hands from scratches and dirt and turn to your gutter scoop to remove dead leaves, animals' nests, and mud. Gutters can help soil erosion in your backyard but you kinda need them to be clear for them to work...

    Reviewer using the red scoop to remove leaves from their gutter

    13. Or stay firmly planted on the ground (some of us are scared of heights, OK??) with a debris-grabbing tool that attaches to an ordinary extension pole.

    14. And last but not least, harness the power of water and the GutterMaster because your own personal nightmare is climbing up a rickety ladder and shoveling wet dirt and rocks from the gutter. This telescoping water-fed pole measures 12 feet long so you can stand comfortably on the ground while this does the hard work of loosening clumps of leaves and pine needles.

    Model using the tool attached to a hose to clean gutters

    15. Stick a garbage guard on your cans if your backyard is a mess of flies. 🤢 It releases an odorless vapor that prevents buggies for up to four months.

    16. Give your most-used warm weather appliance a proper send-off with an effective grill cleaner. It'll be in tip-top shape for next summer!

    17. Protect your deck, fence, railings, and siding with a hardwood oil treatment so it always look pristine. This coating will guard against future damage from the elements as well as general wear and tear.

    18. Suck up the dirt, twigs, and leaves using a pool vacuum. Skimming everything by hand? UGH, no thank you!

    The vacuum in use and you can clearly see the clean streak on the pool floor that has been vacuumed

    19. And drop a Scumbug in there to slurp up all the oils, sunscreen, and yuckies that are chilling in your pool. Just wring it out when it gets discolored, give it a rinse, and pop it back in the pool.

    Clean white bug-shaped sponge next to the same shape sponge that's slightly orange

    20. Spritz an instant stain remover spray because it'll make your dirt-covered plastic patio furniture look new again. It actually works to remove the deep-set, below-the-surface stains so when you wipe away the cleaner, you're wiping away *all* the mess.

    21. And blast away stains with an all-purpose power scrubber cleaning kit if a pinky's worth of effort is all you can muster when it comes to cleaning your yard.

    22. Flip the switch on your 3-in-1 leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher and watch your lawn clippings disappear.

    23. Roll a nut collector you roll across your backyard so you can quickly gather tree nuts, acorns, and even fallen fruit before they start rotting and without ever having to bend down.

    reviewer photo of the nut collector with a lot of chestnuts in it

    24. Sweep backyard detritus into a large garden dustpan that'll hold all the junk. It's made of a sturdy waterproof material so you don't have to worry about it ripping on the way to the garbage can. Plus you don't have to hold it open; you can just shovel or rake debris into it. Genius!

    leaves being raked into the dustpan

    25. And, if all else fails, hide all the crap that's making your lard look messy inside an outdoor shed. *dusts off hands* I think my work here is done!

    You looking at your messy yard:

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