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    21 Compostable Products You Should Probably Switch To

    Being kind to Mother Nature is hot...almost as hot as your compost pile.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of reusable beeswax wraps that'll quickly replace the not-so-eco-friendly plastic wrap you used to use. These organic cotton wraps are infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, and will mold around foods and containers with the heat from your hands. Wash them when they get dirty, and they'll last you a year before you can toss 'em in the compost bin.

    The wraps covering a bowl of chickpeas, a loose bunch of cilantro, and a small round container

    2. Some biodegradable tea bags to satisfy your cravings for a cuppa. You can save money by buying loose tea in bulk *and* you'll be kind to the earth by tossing the used bags and tea in the compost bin when you're had your fill. Or! Buy from companies that already use biodegradable tea bags if you'd rather not faff around with filing your own bags.

    3. A compostable and biodegradable loofah so you can scrub-a-dub-dub without having your shower time reverie ruined by the thought of your plastic loofah sitting in a landfill for the next thousand years.

    Hand holding a sudsed up loofah

    4. A 100% cellulose compostable sponge cloth for making cleanup fun and eco-friendly. A cross between a sponge and a paper towel, these cloths hold 15 times their weight in water — but they won't crumble, pill, or tear like regular paper. They're dishwasher-safe so they'll see you through many, many messes. Once you're done, toss them in the compost bin.

    A lemon-printed cloth

    5. But if you prefer the feel of regular sponges, a pack of Trader Joe's pop-up sponges that'll, as the name implies, expand when they get wet. They're made of vegetable cellulose so you can chuck them in the compost pile once they've served their purpose.

    The sponges

    6. A LastSwab if cleaning out your earwax is a guilty pleasure but your mounting pile of plastic cotton buds is a bit alarming. This reusable swab lasts for 1,000 uses, rinses clean with soap and water, and comes in a biodegradable case.

    7. A box of compostable cutlery because outdoor picnics and camping trips are no excuse to not be eco-friendly. (An even better option would be to bring the silverware you use for regular meals but that's none of my business...)

    8. A box of Nespresso-compatible Pod & Parcel compostable coffee pods (yeah, the ones from Shark Tank!) that'll ~energize~ you to save the pod at a time. But first, let's enjoy a hot mug of Melbourne's best coffee.

    The small pods

    9. Or Keurig-compatible compostable coffee pods from SF Bay Coffee to treat your tastebuds to some truly A+ coffee. Better ~latte~ than never to be kind to the planet!

    The pods

    10. Some compostable coffee filters so you can make coffee the old-fashioned way. Feel free to toss the filter (coffee grounds and all!) in the compost bin when you're done.

    The filters

    11. Some Mrs. Meyer's compostable dryer sheets for minimizing static, softening clothes, and reducing your single-use product...use.

    The dryer sheets

    12. Or some wool dryer balls if you want a compostable solution that'll make your laundry dry faster. These wooly spheres reduce dry time by up to 25%, are reusable (they last up to 1,000 washes!), and soften your clothes just like dryer sheets.

    The balls, which are about the size of a baseball

    13. A box of compostable dog poop bags because, "Woof woof." I can speak dog and Fido just said you should buy these.

    The bags, which are decorated with drawings of a dog, cat, bones, a paw print, and the words, "I'm a cornstarch bag"

    14. A biodegradable dog toy that'll keep Fluffy entertained for hours. It's made with nontoxic cotton and vegetable dyes, plus the knotted texture is great for teething puppies and even acts as dental floss to help improve their oral hygiene.

    15. A box of durable compostable garbage bags to just do the dang thing without breaking down and spilling trash everywhere. In fact, you can fill it with compost and then just toss the whole thing in the bin!

    16. A package of Terra Ties so your bad habit of always — always! — losing your hair ties doesn't contribute to more plastic use. These no-pull ties are great for all hair textures and won't cause creasing, slipping, or snagging.

    The pack of hair ties

    17. A hard-working dish brush for loosening stuck-on food with ease. The brush head (which is completely compostable) is also removable so you can easily replace it without having a buy a whole new brush. The wood handle is also compostable (although the metal pieces are recyclable but not compostable).

    The brush, which has a round head and long stiff bristles

    18. A toilet brush if you want to plant your tushy on a sparkling clean porcelain throne every day. This wooden brush is made with durable coconut bristles and is perfectly curved to clean under the rim of the toilet bowl. Once it's ready to be retired, toss the whole thing in the compost bin and recycle the scrap metal.

    The brush sitting in a toilet

    19. A bamboo toothbrush because good oral hygiene *and* being eco-friendly aren't mutually exclusive.

    Model brushing their teeth with the bamboo toothbrush

    20. A spool of compostable floss that'll loosen any food that's wedged between your teeth while making you feel like royalty since it's made of silk (silk!).

    21. A zero-waste bamboo hair brush to do all the things: work through knots, massage your scalp, distribute your scalp's natural oils, and then gracefully break down in the compost bin when its life is over.

    Model brushing their short wavy hair with the brush

    A few simple swaps here and there can really make a huge difference!

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