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    13 Spice Subscription Boxes You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Step away from the salt and pepper.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Piquant Post sends you a box of three to four hand-selected spice blends from a specific country or region *and* curated recipes with shopping lists and in-depth instructions that highlight each spice's unique flavor.

    scattered packets of spices and information cards
    Erik Mathes / BuzzFeed

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with three to four spice blends from a single country or region, as well as chef-developed recipes that can be cooked quickly — a plus for anyone with a busy schedule. You also get access to more recipes online plus ingredient substitutes and suggestions for alternative uses for your spices. Past recipes and spices include Herb Garlic Pork Tenderloin using Herbs de Provence, Tangerine Firecracker Shrimp, Citrus & Mint salad, and Egyptian Dukkah crusted fish.

    Who it's great for: Busy people looking to put a delicious meal on the table after hectic weekdays, as well as anyone who wants to broaden their culinary palate with spice blends they may not usually use in their cooking. Plus, Piquant Post sends you only enough spice blend for the recipe (sometimes they provide extra but not always!) so you won't have a lot of leftover spices sitting in your kitchen unused.

    Price: $9.99/month for a 12-month subscription, $10.99 for a six-month subscription, or $11.99/month for a monthly subscription through Piquant Post's website or CrateJoy.

    What else to know: You can also get single spice packets and reorder spice blends you loved. They also offer a gift subscription if you'd like to surprise someone else with this thoughtful present.

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    2. The Spicery adds an international flair to your meals with its handcrafted blend of spices inspired by regions like Yucatan, Marseilles, and Tamil Nadu.

    three spice packets in a box

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with two recipe kits with pre-portioned spice blends and easy-to-follow recipes, enough for four people. You also receive a free sample (the best two words you can read when food's involved) in every box.

    Who it's good for: Picky eaters! The Spicery offers eight different types of spice boxes — including a meat-free option, a world kitchen box, and a date night subscription — so you can find the one that makes your mouth water.

    Price: ~$22+/month through The Spicery's website or $14/month through CrateJoy

    What else to know: The Spicery ships its boxes from the UK at the end of the month, and its subscription is giftable. If you fall in love with the flavors of a specific spice or want to recreate a kit, you can buy all that and more from The Spicery's online store.

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    3. Spice Madam takes the sometimes boring act of cooking and transforms it into a deliciously fun learning experience, complete with music, fun facts, and, of course, mouthwatering meals.

    assorted spice packets overflowing from a box
    Erik Mathes / BuzzFeed

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with three to four spice packs (four to six servings) from a specific country or region, four to six local recipes, a sheet of fun cultural facts, and a music playlist featuring artists from the region so you'll basically feel like you're halfway across the world when you're really just in your kitchen making dinner. Past recipes and spices include m’hammara (a sweet, savory, and spicy dip made of red bell peppers, olive oil, and walnuts), Moroccan veggie tagine, aloo tikki with mint chutney, and lavender French madeleines.

    Who it's great for: Anyone with dietary restrictions (the recipes include vegetarian (a majority of the cards come with vegetarian-friendly swaps), pescetarian, gluten-free options) as well as eaters who want to take their tastebuds on a culinary adventure.

    Price: $20/month (that price goes down if you prepay for a subscription of six months or longer) through Spice Madam's website or Cratejoy.

    What else to know: Orders ship the second week of the month, and you have until the last day of the month to sign up for the next month's box. Spice Madam offers a gift subscription and has a spice store on their website so you can repurchase individual spices. A portion of all proceeds go to charitable organizations that support children through education.

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    4. BBQ Box gets you in the ~moo-d~ for grilling with a monthly supply of dry rubs and spices. Subscribe and your stomach will thank you for a job ~well-done~.

    a bottle of dry rub seasoning and bbq sauce next to a recipe card
    BBQ Box

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with one sauce or marinade, one rub or spice, one edible treat (jerky, snack, etc.), one sample pack of wood chips, and one custom recipe using the ingredients in your box

    Who it's great for: Barbecue buffs who're always looking for an excuse to smoke some meats. I mean, the dry rub is basically begging to be used.

    Price: $22.99/month for the 12-month subscription, $24.98/month for the six-month subscription, $25.96/month for the three-month subscription, and $26.99/month for the monthly subscription.

    What else to know: Orders must be placed before 11:59 EST on the 24th of each month to receive the next month's box.

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    5. SpiceBreeze simplifies cooking and maximizes flavor with recipes from two to four regions so your tastebuds are always on vacation.

    assorted information cards about spices and recipes on a cutting board
    Erik Mathes / BuzzFeed

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with spice packets and recipes from two to four regions of the world (depending on what size box you order). If you opt for the quad size box, you get to choose two of the four recipes you receive. Past recipes and spices include Korean bibimbap and Israeli za'atar; Cambodian soup with lemongrass, galangal, and makrut lime and Moroccan pie with ginger and saffron; and Turkish pizza and Peruvian barbecue.

    Who it's great for: Curious eaters who want to explore the world — and fast — through their cuisine.

    Price: Starts at $9.90/month through the SpiceBreeze website or $9.90/month through CrateJoy (use the promo code BUZZFEED20 for 20% off any plan).

    What else to know: SpiceBreeze spices are made without MSG and artificial or natural flavors and colors. It also sells individual spice kits in its online store.

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    6. The Spice Collective transports your tastebuds to India with its flavorful spice mixes. Deciding to subscribe is a ~big, easy~ decision.

    Two spice jars that read "Tikka Masala" and "Pav Bhaji Masala" on cutting board next to two recipe cards

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with a traditional Indian spice with a recipe card to guide you in making authentic dishes for meals.

    Who it's good for: Anybody who loves creamy or spicy flavors as well as eaters who are looking to expand their taste palettes and try new meals including, curries and sauces. 

    Price: Starting at $24.95 per box for one month

    What else to know: The Spice Collective's seasonings can be combined with other seasonings you may already have in your kitchen. Recipe cards are also provided to help guide first-time chefs in the kitchen.

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    7. Culinarie Kit delivers the spices and a whole host of other goodies straight to your door every three months — plenty of time to taste test everything in the box.

    a box full of bottles and other containers of food, seasonings, and spices
    Erik Mathes / BuzzFeed

    What you get: Each quarterly box comes with an always changing assortment of gourmet products, including a Culinarie-exclusive spice blend. Past boxes have contained black truffle sea salt, Thai chili oil, Umami Dust, raspberry pear vinegar, Hawaiian black salt, cajun spices, and raspberry rose preserves. Oh, and you can't forget the rubber duckie decked out in a chef's hat and apron.

    Who it's great for: Cooking enthusiasts who love discovering artisanal ingredients and experimenting in the ktichen.

    Price: $56.50/quarter through CrateJoy.

    What else to know: Your package will ship within seven business days of purchase, and you can shop Culinarie Kit's online store between months if you want to try something new. Boxes do *not* include any animal products.

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    8. Spice Club surprises you each month with its special blend of seasonings that'll inspire you to cook more and eat out less.

    a person sprinkling spices onto a serving of pasta
    @savoryspiceshop / Via

    What you get: Each monthly box comes with one signature seasoning blend (two to four tablespoons), one complementary herb or spice (two to four tablespoons), and a new recipe to try. Past boxes have included Barnegat Bay Butcher's Rub, a sweet-spicy rub for meats and veggies, and Herbs Duxelles, a mushroom, shallot, lemon, and herb concoction to add to soups, sauces, stuffings, and omelets.

    Who it's good for: Anybody who enjoys the thrill of opening their box and not knowing what they're going to get.

    Price: $149.99 for a year

    What else to know: Savory Spice ships boxes on the 15th of each month, so you must sign up before the 10th to receive that month's subscription. You can reorder any spices you loved or buy individual spices through the online store.

    9. The Spice Pioneer spares you from the stress of planning a meal with its comprehensive recipe box. Dinner is saved!

    @thespicepioneer / Via

    What it comes with: Each monthly box comes with spices, a recipe card for a three-course meal meant to serve four people, a post card introducing the region that inspired your box, and instructions to find The Spice Pioneer's complementary playlist to enhance your meal. You can choose the recipes you receive or let The Spice Pioneer surprise you.

    Who it's great for: Eaters who want to enjoy an authentic meal from start to finish — not just an appetizer or a main.

    Price: ~$33 for three months (also available in six- and 12-month subscriptions)

    What else to know: You can also buy individual recipe kits and power pods through its online store.

    10. Roaming Radish serves you international recipes and supplies, including spices and sauces to upgrade your pantry space — while also supporting global communities with a portion of the sales.

    Cardboard box with noodles, spices, and sauces that reads "Roaming Radish"

    What it comes with: Each monthly box provides your kitchen with non-perishable ingredients such as sauces, spices, and pantry staples to create an international-inspired meal with the provided recipe cards.

    Who it's great for: The chefs in your life who enjoy testing out new recipes and experimenting with foods from all over the world. 

    Price: $49 per box for one month (also available in three, six, and 12-month subscriptions).

    What else to know: The brand also donates 5% of the cost of each box to a charity or organization that helps producers in whatever part of the world the box represents for the month.

    11. RawSpiceBar offers a monthly subscription of spice blends created by top chefs across the U.S. Each blend is organic, contains no additives or fillers, is salt-free, and is sourced from global co-ops and farms — so you know it's fresh.

    Bowl of chicken and vegetable soup next to packet of spices that read "Tandoori blend"

    What it comes with: Each monthly box will come with up to three pouches of spice blends and a seasonal recipe to pair it with. You're also given the option to add on reusable glass jars for storing your spices in.

    Who it's great for: The cooks in your life who prefer not to plan their meals ahead of time. Instead, they can look forward to surprise recipes with a new blend of flavors inspired from around the world.

    Price: $12 per month (also available in a three-month, six-month, and annual subscription).

    What else to know: Shipping is free in the U.S. and each package comes from the no-issue Eco Packaging Alliance. Subscribers can also choose between omnivore and herbivore recipes.

    12. Burlap & Barrel's seasonal spice club sends you a different, curated set of spices made for each season, because spicy winter food could not be more different from spicy summer food – am I right?

    Burlap & Barrel

    What it comes with: Each seasonal box, which are sent in February, May, August, and November, comes with four jars of different spices. In addition to the spices, you'll receive information and recipe cards to help ignite your spicy adventures in the kitchen. 

    Who it's great for: Anyone from a ~seasoned~ home chef to a newbie in the kitchen. Since they're sent months apart, they'll have time to use up as little or as much of their spices in the given time frame, as well as explore beyond the realm of included recipes. 

    Price: $45 per box with an included free shipping code for future orders.

    What else to know: Burlap & Barrel ethically and sustainably sources their goods. Shipping is free for U.S. orders and you'll be automatically charged ahead of shipment for each seasonal box. 

    13. Williams Sonoma offers a six-month seasoning subscription that'll up the ante to even your most tried-and-true recipes, from your famous BBQ'd burgers to your homey creations on pizza night.

    the complete six-month spice subscription, with 15 containers of various seasonings
    Williams Sonoma

    What it comes with: For your first month, you'll receive Williams Sonoma's Potlatch Seasoning, followed by Tellicherry Peppercorns in month two and Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt in month three. Then, you'll be sent Williams Sonoma's Burger Bomb Mini Rub Set in month four and their Organic Pizza Seasoning Mini Rub Set the month after. For your sixth and final month, you'll get Williams Sonoma Regional Mini Rub Set. By the end, your spice cabinet will be stocked.

    Who it's great for: The cooks in your life that love some elevated simplicity. 

    Pirce: $101.95 

    What else to know: Shipping rates vary depending on your order total.

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