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    13 Spice Subscription Boxes You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Step away from the salt and pepper.

    1. Piquant Post sends you a box of three to four hand-selected spice blends from a specific country or region *and* curated recipes with shopping lists and in-depth instructions that highlight each spice's unique flavor.

    scattered packets of spices and information cards

    2. The Spicery adds an international flair to your meals with its handcrafted blend of spices inspired by regions like Yucatan, Marseilles, and Tamil Nadu.

    three spice packets in a box

    3. Spice Madam takes the sometimes boring act of cooking and transforms it into a deliciously fun learning experience, complete with music, fun facts, and, of course, mouthwatering meals.

    assorted spice packets overflowing from a box

    4. BBQ Box gets you in the ~moo-d~ for grilling with a monthly supply of dry rubs and spices. Subscribe and your stomach will thank you for a job ~well-done~.

    a bottle of dry rub seasoning and bbq sauce next to a recipe card

    5. SpiceBreeze simplifies cooking and maximizes flavor with recipes from two to four regions so your tastebuds are always on vacation.

    assorted information cards about spices and recipes on a cutting board

    6. The Spice Collective transports your tastebuds to India with its flavorful spice mixes. Deciding to subscribe is a ~big, easy~ decision.

    Two spice jars that read "Tikka Masala" and "Pav Bhaji Masala" on cutting board next to two recipe cards

    7. Culinarie Kit delivers the spices and a whole host of other goodies straight to your door every three months — plenty of time to taste test everything in the box.

    a box full of bottles and other containers of food, seasonings, and spices

    8. Spice Club surprises you each month with its special blend of seasonings that'll inspire you to cook more and eat out less.

    a person sprinkling spices onto a serving of pasta

    9. The Spice Pioneer spares you from the stress of planning a meal with its comprehensive recipe box. Dinner is saved!

    10. Roaming Radish serves you international recipes and supplies, including spices and sauces to upgrade your pantry space — while also supporting global communities with a portion of the sales.

    Cardboard box with noodles, spices, and sauces that reads "Roaming Radish"

    11. RawSpiceBar offers a monthly subscription of spice blends created by top chefs across the U.S. Each blend is organic, contains no additives or fillers, is salt-free, and is sourced from global co-ops and farms — so you know it's fresh.

    Bowl of chicken and vegetable soup next to packet of spices that read "Tandoori blend"

    12. Burlap & Barrel's seasonal spice club sends you a different, curated set of spices made for each season, because spicy winter food could not be more different from spicy summer food – am I right?

    13. Williams Sonoma offers a six-month seasoning subscription that'll up the ante to even your most tried-and-true recipes, from your famous BBQ'd burgers to your homey creations on pizza night.

    the complete six-month spice subscription, with 15 containers of various seasonings

    Gordon Ramsay checking out your spice-less pantry: