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17 Yummy Latin Snacks You'll Probably Want To Try

This hit me right in the childhood.

1. A pack of de la Rosa Mazapan for anyone who hasn't been blessed enough to try them yet. They're melt-in-your-mouth disks from Mexico made of peanuts and sugar, and they're the best. Be warned: they're crumbly, like you just look at them and they break apart, so getting them into your mouth in one piece is a challenge.

2. A box of Argentinian Alfajores, a luxurious sandwich cookie filled with dulce de leche and dunked in chocolate.

3. Or a bag of mini Tangos from Ecuador if you love sandwich cookies but prefer a sweet cream filling instead.

4. A pack of Mexican Pulparindo, a sour, sweet, and spicy tamarindo candy that's kinda hard to describe but that you'll 100% love.

5. A bag of plantain chips that you'll struggle to not demolish in just one sitting.

6. A bag of Vero Mango that'll satisfy your craving for sweet and spicy. These mango-flavored lollipops from Mexico are coated in chili powder and the results are *kisses fingers like a chef*.

7. A tub of Pirucream, aka Pirulin, a chocolate and hazelnut cream-filled rolled wafer stick from Venezuela that you can't have just one of.

8. A box of Bubu Lubu to treat yourself to a marshmallow fluff and jelly sandwich covered in chocolate. I'm drooling just thinking about these Mexican candies.

9. A tin of guava paste, because it's the star ingredient of many delicious snacks. Spread it on a galleta with cream cheese or bake it into an empanada.

10. A case of Rockaleta — a four-layer lollipop from Mexico that'll take your tastebuds on a wild ride.

11. A pack of Inka Corn from Peru that's basically the better version of corn nuts. They're a bit bigger and lighter, and these are dusted with chile picante seasoning.

12. A pack of Susy, because there truly is no limit to the number of sweet Venezuelan chocolate cream-smothered wafers you can consume.

13. A box of pão de queijo mix for anyone whose favorite food combo is cheese and bread. This Brazilian snack will tick both of those boxes.

14. A box of panelita de arequipe y coco (milk caramel with coconut in English) that are both creamy and chewy with a delicious coconut flavor.

15. A sleeve of Chiky from Costa Rica, another chocolate-covered cookie that'll have you saying, "I'm in love" after just one bite.

16. A box of Pelon Pelo Rico, a tangy Mexican tamarindo candy that you push out of the tube like a syringe. The ~goo~ that comes out is both fruity and spicy.

17. A bag of Bon Bon Bum, gum-filled lollipops from Colombia that'll take you back to your childhood.

Let us know which snacks we missed!

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