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Mom And Daughter Protest Trump By Wearing The Best Shirts Ever

They showed up at Trump Towers in NYC to protest The Donald's run for President. And they wore the BEST SHIRTS EVER!

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Michelle Fryer / Via

Mom, Michelle, and daughter, Stephanie were recently on vacation in NYC and they stopped by Trump Towers to protest Trump in the only way they knew how. By wearing their favorite local tribute band's shirts endorsing Stevie Nicks for President.

Elizabeth E. George / Via Facebook: rumoursatl

The band's shirts they're wearing are from their favorite Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band: Rumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute. You can find them online at and

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Peter Moshay; Rumours ATL; Fleetwood Mac / Via

Check out their BAD ASS video for Gold Dust Woman from Daryl's House Club (yes, that Daryl's House) in Pawling, NY.

Michelle Fryer / Via

Michelle and Stephanie have been wearing their Stevie Nicks for POTUS shirts all over NYC this week. "We're having so much fun with these shirts!", Michelle told the band on her Instagram. Stephanie told the band that she and her mom have been getting so many compliments on the shirt. Here they are wearing the shirts in Central Park.

We agree with them! Stevie for President! But, seriously...she IS the best option out there. Is it too late to jump in the race? We don't think so, Stevie!

Nicks/Buckingham 2016!!!

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