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    15 Things Every "Skinny" Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

    Skinny girls get body shamed, too! Here are a few things skinny girls are tired of hearing.

    1. "Do you ever eat?"

    2. "You have a boyish figure."

    3. "You'd look better with a little meat on your bones."

    4. "I bet you don't even have to exercise."

    5. "Real men love curves."

    6. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

    7. "You look like one of those kids in the Unicef commercials."

    8. "You look like you have an eating disorder."

    9. Being called "Chicken Legs" or "Twig Arms".

    10. "You're so tiny!"

    11. "I'm afraid I'll break you because you're so skinny."

    12. "You should try modeling!"

    13. "You can wear anything and it will look good on you."

    14. "Eat a cheeseburger!"

    15. "You're all skin and bones."

    In conclusion....