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    15 Things Every "Skinny" Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

    Skinny girls get body shamed, too! Here are a few things skinny girls are tired of hearing.

    1. "Do you ever eat?"

    Yes, I eat. How the heck would I still be alive?

    2. "You have a boyish figure."

    Really? I know boys who have bigger boobs than I do.

    3. "You'd look better with a little meat on your bones."

    How do you know?

    4. "I bet you don't even have to exercise."

    Exercising is good for your body and mind. Just because I'm thin, doesn't mean I sit on the couch all day.

    5. "Real men love curves."

    I'm pretty sure real men love confidence.

    6. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

    Pizza. French Fries. Ice Cream. Chipotle!

    7. "You look like one of those kids in the Unicef commercials."

    Those kids are actually dying. How horrible are you?

    8. "You look like you have an eating disorder."

    9. Being called "Chicken Legs" or "Twig Arms".

    What, are we in 5th grade?

    10. "You're so tiny!"

    Talk to the tiny hand!

    11. "I'm afraid I'll break you because you're so skinny."

    This just makes me want to cry.

    12. "You should try modeling!"

    Why? Because you think I'm pretty enough? Or is it because I'm skinny?

    13. "You can wear anything and it will look good on you."

    Actually...most clothes don't fit right. I have to get them hemmed, or taken in. And baby clothes aren't my style.

    14. "Eat a cheeseburger!"

    I do eat cheeseburgers. Lots of them. I've even tried protein shakes and "bulk up" diets.

    15. "You're all skin and bones."

    I have organs, hair, nails....oh and a personality!

    In conclusion....

    Let's all just be nice to each other.

    We should lift each other up as women, not tear each other down.

    Love your body and respect others.

    (Inspired by 15 Things Every "Big" Girl Is Tired Of Hearing)

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