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Sad Truths About The 21st Century Society

How much more of our human values should we sacrifice in the name of "progress"?

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1. "Men wants girls...with tiny waist"


Because women are sexually objectified in our society and on social media, they develop insecurities about their self-image. Some even shy away from who they really are inside.

2. Discipline and Strength: "You need both to reach the arrow"


Our society thinks with its phone, eats with its phone, and sleeps with its phone. It is questionable if this generation of distracted-passive-learners have the discipline nor strength to save our future.

4. The Lonely Culture of Individualism

We are brought up in a culture that focuses on the individual, everything is about just us that sometimes we are forced to think we have leave what we have behind to find our own way. But the strength in humanity lies in its unity. After all, we are all on the same journey.

5. Politics, Race, and Foreign Relations

There are many disparities and issues surfacing our nation today. Sadly, most of them are perpetuated by the self-interest of those who are in political power. So it goes.

6. We Fail at Relationships

We are a generation that over-shares everything. If we have a random thought, we tweet it. If we go somewhere, we post photos on Instagram as evidence. And of course, who would want to miss our personal stories live on Snapchat?

Let's keep the mystery alive, please? Because that's one of the most beautiful things about relationships.

7. "A Single Grain of Rice Can Tip the Scale"

There is still good in this world. It's just the hardest thing to do. But why?

"A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man maybe the difference between victory and defeat."

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