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8 Amazing Tiny Houses

Living small can be affordable, comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly.

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1.) E.D.G.E.


The E.D.G.E. can be used for year-round living. It has 320 square feet living space on the ground floor with two 80 square foot sleeping lofts above. Although small, the large windows and uncluttered floor plan make it airy and comfortable.

2.) Tumbleweed Tiny Houses


The original tiny house company, Tumbleweed has a variety of sizes and interior layouts to choose from. You can buy plans and build yourself or buy already made for a very affordable home on wheels.

3.) Earthship


Earthships are glorious constructions using a radical approach to systems we currently have in our homes. Made largely of recycled materials, one must research before delving into such a DIY building project. If this labor-intensive home is successfully built, you can live off-grid without giving up comfort. Plus, a year-round vegetable and fruit garden is an important part of the entire design! Oftentimes the opposite of tiny, the survival (basic) model is as compact as Earthships come at around 500 square feet.

4.) The 12.20 House


This is a one-off design from Brazil that can be used as inspiration. It has 484 square feet of living space with a spacious open-concept floor plan. The bathroom is tucked behind the kitchen and the living room is concealed behind an etched window.

5.) Shipping container homes


Whether buying a prefab model or having a container delivered to you from the dockyard, the possibilities are almost endless. Multiple containers can be arranged by architects to build large homes, but in our case, one small container can also be a canvas for the design-savvy homeowner to create a sanctuary within. The version above includes living walls to hide the austere metal exterior and make an inviting little space.

7.) Armadilla Pod


Found at a campground in Scotland, these little pods have it all! A bathroom with shower, tiny kitchenette, and a couch that turns into a bed. If you plan to live in one, you'd probably need to increase the size of the pod or heighten to put a bedroom loft above the ground floor, but some may think these pods are perfect the way they are.

8.) NOMAD Micro Homes

These Canadian prefab permanent homes are 10' by 10' with three floor plans to choose from. You can have your tiny home delivered to your site for under $30 000 CDN, which is incredible when you consider how nice and livable they are inside. For colder climates, these micro homes are insulated for Canadian winters!

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