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    • meigand11

      Listen. Being a Proud Native american I am tired of this term. Until you are asked by people why you look sun burnt after getting your skin’s natural tan you can not understand how offensive this term is. Just because I don’t have a headdress and live on a reservation does not mean that I have no right to call my culture my own. What honestly offends me more is the actions of the die hard redskins fans. Can you honestly believe that wearing headdresses, painting your face red or putting on war paint is not offensive to those who have that as a part of their history then please go to a Powwow and talk to the natives there to understand the history and culture. I know that people do not have a real understanding of native culture from our perspective but if you would take the time and tiny bit of effort to understand how we have been taken advantage of at every turn and just want some slight dignity shown towards our culture it is really not much to ask.  In a response to those who claim I am white: It doesnt matter how much “native blood” I have. Would you ask a black man how much of his blood is his heritage? I am a registered member of the Cherokee Tribe and that is all that matters, not the amount of “blood”.

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