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  • Adalgalar BurhaniyeEfeEmlakInsaat

    ABOUT US PROPERTY EFE BURHANİYE professional real estate consulting and marketing has to make sense in the country was established in 1982. PROPERTY EFE BURHANİYE quality and reliable service at all times from the foundation aims to keep at the forefront. Besides opening new offices and creating common work points the real estate brokerage of the main objectives of the company. According to the process of development of the sector ” BURHANİYE EFE PROPERTY ‘ta Investment Address the slogan “serve to benefit all customers. PROPERTY BURHANİYE EFE , the development of real estate sector, and there are studies to become a prestigious profession and industry partners have acquired the knowledge and experience to share the work. PROPERTY EFE BURHANİYE modern working system and principles, our aim is to adapt to the times the size of our country economically and Real Estate Sector to the next level as one of the major representatives. While this service CORRECTNESS, HONESTY and RELIABILITY basic principle.

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