MegynHermez Pretty face. Disturbed mind. I make music, write poetry and I love dirty dancing.
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  • Life In Ibiza: Follow The Directions

    This place is beginning to get predictably unpredictable. My patience is tested to it’s very limit every day being here under these circumstances, and I think my growth as a human being is really going through a spurt because of it. This is, once again, all in the name of music. A series of situations taking place this weekend really made me question if anything is abnormal to me anymore. At 24 I think the only thing I haven’t seen is heaven, or hell for that matter. One too many drinks caused me to hitchhike home from a boat party on Saturday night. I’m not sure why I was so upset to even leave the party in the first place. Perhaps the large amount of cocaine that decorated the table left me a bit disturbed, as I’m a recovered addict. At the very least, the thumb out for a ride home is off the bucket list. You know, I’m not quite sure what I find more entertaining: Selling overpriced tee shirts to obnoxious tourists until 8AM or walking in the house to find my drag queen roommate curse at me in Italian for thinking I used his olive oil. Maybe last night took the cake when I was standing in line for a TAXI, and a driver came up to me quoting me 20 euros. When he opened the door to his junker I finally realized he was running his own “driving service.” By the time I figured out that I just got hustled by a complete stranger, and I was in his car with no guarantee of reaching my intended destination; I had no time to be scared. I came to a place mentally where I thought to myself; if he’s a psycho serial killer then I guess this is just God’s plan. On the flip side, if I come out of this in one peace then it was the divine timing of the Universe that caused this incident, and that too is God’s plan. The risk of this adventure is both illuminating and exhausting. Traveling abroad as young female is not as simple as wearing a trendy backpack and remembering to bring a blanket for the plane: It’s indeed a brilliant complication. There aren’t friends nearby, Google maps don’t operate properly, long distance calling is everyone’s favorite excuse not to answer the phone, and I’m in a time zone where the sun sets for me when it rises for my mother. However, I’m falling in love with these challenges, and I’m falling even more in love with the journey while I continue to pave a path. As each day passes I’m learning that the only way to live with a peace of mind is to dive in to every situation fearlessly and trust it. There is actually nothing to ever be afraid of. Nothing can possibly happen that wasn’t going to happen anyway. It’s all mapped out, and as human beings our job is easy. Just follow the directions.

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