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11 Insights On Life From The 1997 Bug Juice Campers

Real Kids. Making Friends. Having Fun. On Bug Juice

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11. On Uncertainty in Relations

“I don’t know- like, because, I like Connor but I don’t know who he likes. I think that if he likes me, he likes me, and if he doesn't, he doesn't and whatever happens, happens.”


10. On Being Nice

"I know we aren't going to be all 'Buddy-Buddy Barney Sesame Street' type friends but at least we can try, to like, have a 'please, thank you' ,'oh that was cool', 'you were awesome' at least be like that nice."


9. On Coping with Defeat

“After the swim test, I kinda just wallowed in my own self pity and walked back to my cabin being angry and then I just climbed onto my bed and started eating candy. I ate my entire stash. It was horrible.”


7. On the Pressure to Date

"I haven’t had a girlfriend at camp this year. I’m not feeling guilty about it …because I am only 13. But, you know, I just haven’t gone out with anybody. No offense to girls but they are a lot more complicated. "


4. On Overcoming Differences

"We're really all different because they live a certain life....they have certain rules and boundaries. I live a certain life and I have different rules and boundaries. So I’m trying to explain to them my rules and I am trying to understand their rules. So, It’s going to be hard but I think it will all work if we keep talking and all stop arguing."


2. On Jealousy

"There's always going to be a couple of boys that all girls will like. Then if they like one person everyone's like 'well you know what I hate her' and 'she's not even pretty' and stuff like that. I don't want that to happen."



“And just when you think you've given it all you have... it all comes back in a hug or a laugh that we all share together. Then I remember why I am here. You have given me so much. You make me feel like everything I did had a purpose. You let me be myself all the time. “

-Counselor Rhett

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