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Your New Favorite Spider

Not all spiders are created equal

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Dario Trovato / Via

Spiders are known for being the creeps of the insect world (even though technically they're arachnids, but who's splitting webs when it comes to the only thing smaller than a penny that can give you nightmares?!). There's one spider out there who's changing the scary spider game. Say hello to the Peacock spider. The world's cutest little dancing arthropod.

No really, the males of this species do a dance in order to attract a mate. Unfortunately, the females are as gross as ever and will eat the little guys if they've already been mated with or dislike the males advances (tough crowd, huh?).

But for now enjoy a video of these little guys dancing to the YMCA and maybe think twice the next time you attest to your overwhelming arachnophobia.

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