Things You Have A Better Chance At Than Winning The Lottery (Sorry)

your chances of winning the lottery are 18 million to 1, that’s not so bad right?

1. Being considered that you’re possessed by Satan


7,000 to 1

(2,500 times more likely)

2. Being randomly declared dead by a Social Security data entry mistake

23,483 to 1

(767 times more likely)

3. Being a Yankees fan

10 to 1

(1,800,000 times more likely)

4. Being able to date a supermodel


88,000 to 1

(205 times more likely)

5. Becoming President of the United States

10,000,000 to 1

(1.8 times more likely)

6. Being injured by a toilet seat


10,000 to 1

( 1,800,000 times more likely)

7. Being on a plane with a drunken pilot

117 to 1

(153,000 times more likely)

8. Becoming rich through Antiques Roadshow

60,000 to 1

(300 times more likely)

9. Seeing a UFO

3,000,000 to 1

(6 times more likely)

10. Being an Astronaut


13,200,000 to 1

(1.36 times more likely)

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