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How To Be A Better Dancer In 5 Easy Steps

No more hiding in the hallway at parties pretending to be in line for the bathroom.

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1. Confidence is key

No really, fake it 'til you make it. Even if the thoughts "Why do I have arms? Where do I put these things? I don't even think I have control of them right now" cross your mind, put a smile on your face and relax! The moves will look natural and more smooth. Be confident in your funky chicken and people will believe those moves are what you want to be doing and that you're having fun doing them.

2. Use Youtube as an ally

Do you think people are just born knowing how to Dougie? Eh, not so much. Everyone has to have learned it from somewhere, and Youtube is a valuable and easy resource at your disposal. No, it is not lame to stand in front of a mirror and try to chicken noodle soup along with a Youtube tutorial. When that next party comes around you'll be known as a dance circle master!

3. Surround yourself with people who enjoy dancing

If you surround yourself with friends that are more prone to dancing, you'll be in a more comfortable environment! Also, you can steal some of their moves that you think look cool. Enthusiastic dancers will be more engaging and encouraging for you! Even though dancing solo is great, theres nothing more exhilarating than dancing pretend disco to September with a bunch of your closest friends.

4. Figure out what your all time dancing jam is

We all have those songs, the exceptions to the "no, I don't dance rule". Currently, Timber by Ke$ha seems to be everyones dancing jam but you should find the right one for you. This song is the one that you let yourself let loose to. Yes, even if you're a dude. Let yourself let loose! No it's not lame, tell your friends I said it wasn't lame, girls find it attractive I swear! So keep your ears open for songs that you can't help but love and be ready to break it down right every time it plays in the club.

5. Know your surroundings

There's a time to dance classy and there's a time to do the cabbage patch like there's no tomorrow, be aware of those times. If you're at a formal dance you can lay off the crazy moves and do little side step dance moves (Yes, even if your jam comes on). The only thing I know about this is that in weddings and clubs there's no restriction to how hard you lay down the moves, but maybe in bars (where they could kick you out for that amazing air guitar rendition of Don't Stop Believing) and other formal events, you should be aware that less is more when it comes to dancing.

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