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Mr. Clean Turns On America As Chippendales Dancer

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Super Bowl spots turned up the heat. While T-Mobile went for a play on "50 Shades of Grey" with their #Punished spot featuring Kristen Schaal— Mr. Clean reintroduced himself as the man of your dreams with all the right moves. The super sexy tight pant-wearing Clean debuted during the third quarter and left millions of viewers hot and bothered in one way or another.

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Watch Mr. Clean get down and dirty!

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He caught Jessica Simpson's eye...

Chippendales noticed his moves right away:

Facebook: chippendales / Via Facebook: Chippendales

Tide got in on the fun.

Hey @RealMrClean if you want to keep those tight pants stain free, we’ve got your back… The view is spectacular BTW…

Women lost their minds...

Is this #MrClean #SuperBowl2017 ad supposed to make me HORNY? @theeagledallas @RussMartinShow

O.M.G. loving the Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad!!! Nothing sexier than a man who cleans. @RealMrClean #MrClean #CRSuperBowl #AdBowl #BrandBowl

Mr. Clean finally catching on to what we've all known for decades. A. Dad. Mopping. Is. Foreplay. #SuperBowl #mrclean

Jesus God!! 😂

Men immediately started taking notes...

WHY DID MR. CLEAN HAVE SO MUCH GAME?!?!?! *proceeds to take notes*

Every husband in America suddenly grabs a mop for the first time in his life. #MrClean #SuperBowl

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