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16 Pool Floats You Need To Celebrate Summer Sixteen Like A Celeb

Get your pool vibes on summer fleek with these sixteen floats! From swans and flamingos to watermelons and donuts. Great for pumping up a pool party or relaxing the day away, mango La Croix in hand. What are you waiting for? Everyone's going it - no seriously. We'll show you.

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1. The White Swan

The white swan is the premiere, gotta-have-it, pool float of the summer. Everyone in Hollywood (and Calabasas) has one. Grab your swan for $75 here (free shipping, try codes FLOATLUV or FLOATZ10 for discounts)

Here's a short list of the club you'll be joinging...

2. The Pegasus Float


For the dreamer in all of us, the pegasus float is perfection. It's golden wings invite you to cruise the blue waters of your nearest pool or vacation hot spot. She's not a cheap one though and will set you back $160 here, luckily shipping is free.

3. The Donut Float


The strawberry donut float is probably our favorite float of the summer. You can relax on top of it (as seen by this sexy piece above) or hang out inside the ring for some half submersion action. Either way, it'll fulfill your sweet tooth and your floating needs without hurting your wallet: 90cm ($25), 120cm ($40), it also comes in chocolate.

4. The Pink Flamingo Ring Float


The bright pink flamingo ring float is a total necessity. It's big, but not massive. It's not mega cheap, but it's also not too expensive ($55). It's perfect for slipping inside of for swim around the pool, or laying across like the donut float. Either way you can't go wrong with this pink cutie.

5. The Golden Swan


I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke floats. One of the sexiest floats of the summer, Goldie (as we've decided to call her) just screams "rich kids of Instagram". Luxury and utility join hand in hand for $120.

6. The Giant Pink Flamingo


Sail away in your very own gigantic pink flamingo float. How is she different than the previous pink flamingo float? She's bigger and she doesn't have a ring (that sentence kind of hurt her feelings). She also cots a bit more ($100). No ring means more area to lay out and crisp to golden perfection under the sizzling sun. Don't forget sunblock, betches.

7. The Black Swan


Another sexy number for the ducklings who are looking to have a "swan moment" at the pool or beach this summer. This pool float just screams rock star. All naughty gals with a dark side need this betty by their (pool)side. The elegant faced version goes for ($120) while the cheaper version clears at ($85).

8. The Twisted Pretzel


The pretzel float is exactly what you need this summer if you're as obsessed with baked foods as we are. A delicious take on a beach boardwalk standard. And how yummy will this floatie look on your Instagram feed? Worth it. ($55)

14. The Watermelon Float


The watermelon float is one of the sweetest floats on the market. Super adorable and gigantic. Also probably a lot of fun to slap someone over the head with. Softly, though... right? Maybe. Probably not. Pool fights = all out war. ($85)

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