17 Things Only People With Rainbow Hair Understand

A glimpse inside our colorful life.

1. 1. People ask if you’re a clown.

No, you can’t hire me for your kid’s birthday party.

2. 2. You’re used to being the butt of bad jokes.

No, there’s not a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

3. 3. It’s difficult to have serious discussions.

I am concerned about world hunger, women’s rights and human trafficking- and sometimes I like to talk about it.

4. 4. Yes, this is my everyday look.

No, I’m not going to a football game or participating in a color run.

5. 5. Alone time is a must.

6. 6. Formal wear can be challenging.

But I pull it off.

7. 7. Radiant Red, Sheer Blonde, Brilliant Brunette……………. thanks for nothing, John Frieda.

No one makes hair products for rainbows.

8. 8. People tell you to just take off your wig.

Uh, it’s real and it’s attached to my head. Should I ask you to take off your arm?

9. 9. Sometimes your hair gets more attention than you do.

Um, my eyes are down here.

10. 10. Move over blondes, RAINBOWS have more fun!

11. 11. Because you’re beautiful.

12. 12. And you dream big.

13. 13. And you’re worth it.

14. 14. And you’re on the ball.

15. 15. And you’re classy.

16. 16. And you’re sassy.

17. 17. And you know it.

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