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11 Descriptions Plus-Size Women Never Want To Hear Again

*clears throat* I JUST HAVE A BODY, THANKS.

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1. "Queen-sized."

Call me a queen if you want, but let it refer to my attitude or the literal crown that I’m wearing on my head, not my actual body.

2. Big Beautiful Woman(BBW)

Technically, every woman is beautiful, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Kindly refrain from modifying my beauty with an adjective that is best used to describe tree trunks.

3. Big boned.

Have you measured my bones? Have you measured your bones? Can we please stop having a conversation in which we are purporting to be medical professionals?

4. More cushion for the pushin'.

We are mattresses or particularly overstuffed pillows, so please refrain from referring to our bodies as such. Thanks in advance!

5. Round.

Beach balls are round. Baybel cheeses are round. My body, last I checked, has a discernible shape, even if it displeases you. Unless I am literally Violet Beauregard from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", please use something else.

6. Twice the woman.

There's a solid chance I'm twice the woman mentally or emotionally, but if we're really going to play this game, I'm going home.

7. Full-figured.

I refrain from describing your figure in any way other than a "body", so I'd love it if you did the same for me.

8. Chunky.

Peanut butter is chunky. My body is not. Bye!

9. Chubby.

I live in a world where "chubby" means a half-erect penis. Please don't compare my body to a penis, as they are two very different things.

10. Plump

I'm sorry. Do I look like a grape, or a basket of raspberries? Didn't think so.

11. Fat

Please leave your pre-conceived notions of what is and isn't correct at home, because I simply don't have the time. Let's make a deal: I won't talk about your body if you don't talk about mine.


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