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    History In The Making - Yuri!!! On Ice

    A closer look at the new sports anime skating into fans' hearts all across the internet.

    We open on a dark ice skating rink, light from the windows illuminating a skater. The animation fades in and out of black, but soon reveals the skater, a young man with long silver hair and the voice over says, "He never fails to surprise me." The young skater glides across the ice into black and when he emerges again only seconds later his hair is short and he looks in the viewer's direction, the slightest of smiles on his lips. The smile is only there for a moment before the skater shifts his focus to the routine, but there is a fondness in that gaze that suggests a familiarity and an intimacy that he shares with the audience and other person in the room. These first eleven seconds of Yuri!!! On Ice establish the core, dynamic relationship between the show's main characters and establish the inspiration they bring one another that carries on throughout every episode.

    You can watch Yuri!!! On Ice as it continues to air on Crunchyroll.



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