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20 Things You Should Never Think About After Midnight

Or probably before midnight either.

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7. What’s the wildest Harry Potter fan fiction combo someone’s done?


The top half of the broken Elder Wand from the last Harry Potter film (obviously has to be the film because they DON’T BREAK IT IN THE BOOKS) and the escaped chocolate frog from the train in the first movie.

“They met in the water. Both not typically aquatic creatures for one reason or another—melting and rotting—but fate brought them together.”

(It’s Dobby/Hagrid, who are we kidding. But Ron/Hedwig tho... And who can forget Quirrell/Buckbeak? Or Enoby/Draco??)

12. Was Twilight completely misunderstood as a franchise?


I mean, despite the problematic content in the books and films, the entire multi-billion dollar franchise exists because of girls. Have we apologized to Kristen Stewart enough??

15. If I were a celebrity, what would my signature pose be?


Over the shoulder with a wink? Pucker the lips with a peace sign? Precisely flip my hair and make it look effortless while a trigger in my shoe releases bubbles for a different, underwater mermaid aesthetic?

18. What if I hadn’t said that ONE THING in sixth grade, would my life be completely different?


I’d be living in a mansion, feeding my pet unicorn with rainbows, drinking coffee (because I like coffee now), smooching all of my trophies (I have trophies now), and have a cool, new, edgy bamboo house plant (I don't accidentally kill plants now).

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