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20 Signs You Grew Up In Bloomfield Hills MI

Welcome to the real O.C. .....bitch.

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1. You call Bloomfield "The Bubble"

Don't lie, you've probably tweeted "Bubble bound!" at least once

2. You go to Somerset Mall every weekend

but you wouldn't be caught DEAD at Great Lakes Crossing...

3. You can't go out in public without seeing at least one person you know..

And it's usually someone you kinda hate..

4. You pretty much live at Leo's Coney Island...

or Kerby's, but we all know Leo's is way better

5. You came to school on your 16th birthday with a brand new car

6. You've referred to others or yourself as a "Bloomfield Bitch"

Own it.

7. Your winter look isn't complete without a Northface jacket & UGG boots

8. You spent all your middle school weekends in Birmingham doing absolutely nothing

Sweet Earth? Palladium? The Park? Nahh let's just walk around

9. It was unheard of to stay home during Spring Break

Or winter break, or Martin Luther King Day, or any holiday for that matter

10. You've pondered over what your own reality show would be called..

It's too bad "The Hills" is already taken.

11. You feel incomplete without a Starbucks cup in your hand

Where's my nonfat double caramel latte soy frappe?

12. You played on travel or club sports teams to guarantee a spot on the High School team

13. You didn't wear a long dress to Prom

14. Your after school activities involve going to the gym and then hitting up Beyond Juice

But we all know you refer to it as BJ because you think you're clever

15. You pass more than one country club on the way to almost any destination

16. It's impossible to leave Lulu Lemon without a shopping bag in hand

Leggings for days

17. You spend all your money on summer concerts at DTE

Not to mention all the music festivals

18. The only place to hangout on summer nights is Dairy Mat

Soft serve anyone?

19. You love cruising down Woodward Avenue

Is it time for the Dream Cruise yet?

20. Even though you sometimes get crap for it, you're proud to be from the Bloomfield Bubble!


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