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10 Actors Jonah Hill Has More Oscar Nominations Than

Homeboy received his second Best Supporting Actor nod for The Wolf of Wall Street, which gives him more nominations than these actors.

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Ryan Gosling

Hey, girl. He only has one nomination for his work in Half Nelson. He was snubbed for Blue Valenine and for his ab work in Crazy Stupid Love.

Bill Murray

Every day feels like you're living the same awful day over and over again when you realize Murray only has one Oscar nod.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

No nominations. Not even for his ambitious attempt to look like a young Bruce Willis in Looper.

Samuel L. Jackson

His only nomination is for Pulp Fiction in 1995. And you know he wants to get medieval on the Academy's ass for failing to nominate his work in Snakes on A Plane.

James Franco

Jonah Hill's buddy Franco didn't even to get to sit in the audience when he got his first Oscar nomination for 127 Hours. He had to host that night.

Steve Martin

He starred in The Jerk, but the Academy's a bunch of jerks for never recognizing his work. Ever.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal's only nomination is for Brokeback Mountain, and he only had to make out with another dude to get it.

Paul Rudd

No Oscar nominations. Ever. This is a crime.

Josh Brolin

He played George W. Bush in W., a dead-ringer for a young Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black III, and Llewelyn Moss in No Country for Old Men, but he only has one nomination for his role as Dan White in Milk.

Harrison Ford

Han Solo. Jonah Hill has more Oscar nominations than Han Solo. Harrison Ford has only been nominated once---for Witness in 1986, when Hill was 2 and a half years old.

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