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Stannis Baratheon From "Game Of Thrones" Is The One True King Of Grammar

Fewer enemies. Fewer. Light spoilers for the May 10 episode of Game of Thrones!

On the May 10 episode of Game of Thrones, "Kill the Boy," Jon Snow approaches his fellow Night's Watchmen for help.

Most of them are pretty unhappy with this proposition — so much so that one of them barks out this grammatically incorrect remark.

And Stannis Baratheon, unyielding know-it-all that he is, can't help but chime in with a little correction under his breath.

Ser Davos hears him mumbling, and asks him what's up. Stannis, knowing that Davos would never understand, grinds his teeth and brushes him off.

But this isn't the first time Stannis' grammar pedantry has come through on Game of Thrones. In the Season 2 episode "Garden of Bones," he also corrects the improper use of "less," this time when he's talking directly with Davos.

All hail Stannis Baratheon, the One True King of Grammar, Defender of the Proper Use of "Fewer."

Watch the short clip from last night's episode here:

HBO / Via emmathedoctorclaire.tumblr.com

Thumbnail via HBO