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Third Year Blues

Why is junior year of college different from any other year? Hmm let me get my list out...

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Let’s face it, the third year blues exists. Thanks junior year. It is being diagnosed on college campuses nationwide. My sources? My own classmates…and myself. / Via Google Images

Freshman year: "What is college?"

Sophmore year: "Round two lets goooo!"

Junior year:

-"You need to start thinking about your future."

- "…say what now?!"

Freshman year is the year of new beginnings and not knowing anything. New surroundings, new friends, new freedom, new everything. “Where am I?” is a constant expression quickly followed by a thirty minute walk home that should have taken ten. This exciting year brings out an exhilaration incomparable to past school years. Students realize that the world is their oyster. How could it not be? I mean, you can choose whether you want to go to class or not, there is always a kegger within a three block radius, and you get to decide on this exotic thing called a “major,” what’s there not to like? Nothing. All a freshie needs to do is let the coffee flow, hit the books, and then take a selfie of their first cup of jungle juice that weekend. Cute. / Via Google Images

Sophomore year is the year of decision making. So you have a major, hooray! Now you have to step up and dive right in. No pain no gain. The academics side starts to pick up but so does the social schedule. Sophomores have it down. “It” being college. The training year is over and they now know how to ace that midterm exam and to say no to that fifth tequila shot (maybe). The college scene is more recognizable in all aspects. Another great year ahead, no doubt filled with more fun n’ games while making the grade to successfully say “I’m halfway done with college!” / Via Google Images

"Holy crap…I'M HALFWAY DONE WITH COLLEGE!"-said every junior student everywhere. Yes, it's junior year. The year when a student has become an Adult In Training. The year when the internship and job search begins. The year you might have your first apartment and you have to call your mom every week asking how to make food and pay bills. The year that study abroad begins or ends. The year that the BIG tests drop by to say hello. The year when sh*t gets (more) serious. It's going down, and everyone is yellin' timber, where is Ke$ha when we need her? Does she know how to make a dinner that isn't a Lean Cuisine? Bring on the life skills, we juniors need them. Instead of the go-to sweatpants, we find ourselves reaching for suits and ties. JT would be proud but that doesn't stop the nervous shakes and looming cloud of "What are you gonna do with yo life!?" that is stationed over our heads. That question can get ya down in the dumps if you don't have a concrete answer. Stress, stress, stress.

But as one junior among all, my opinion is that we cannot fret. It is sad that sweatpants are not interview attire, but we must rise above this disappointment and make the grade just like last year. We still have two years left of college, but these are more important than the past two we've spent here. We must add a little more professionalism to our lives now, and a dash of responsibility as well. Adulting is hard but attainable. And you know that you have surpassed certain levels when the time is right, for the better or worse. An example of for the worse is being amazed at the low prices of bath towels at Wal-mart on a Friday night….don't be that Adult In Training…it's too soon my friends.

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