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Top 5 Times Adulting Is Just Too Much!

Being an adult, a.k.a being responsible, can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Here are the top 5 times, being an adult, is the absolute WORST!

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5. Taking Out The Trash

Ugh! How about we just play a game instead? It's called "Smell and Guess What I Had for Dinner Three Weeks Ago!" Between the smell, the potential cause of leakage, and overall grossness, this is one thing you just can't handle...literally! No wonder Oscar is such a grouch.

4. Grocery Shopping

You'd rather stand outside in 100 degree weather with a winter coat on, than do this bullshit. Between making a list, fighting the crowds, and figuring out how all those bags will get unloaded,... you'd rather starve than go to that evil place, that sucks up your whole Saturday.

3. Doing Laundry

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The absolute worst! You'd rather waste TONS of money on packs of new undies and socks from Target, than do your endless trash heap pile of laundry. It's one thing to muster up the energy to put it in the wash, but quite another to think how you'll EVER have the strength to fucking fold it!

2. Putting A Fitted Sheet On The Bed

Speaking of the hell do you even fold this satanic cloth?!?! Let alone get it on all four corners of bed?!?! Pass. Hard Pass. Don't try this at home unless you need to get rid of a full bottle of wine first.

1. Doing Your Taxes

W-9's, 1099's, W4's, W2's, W..DON'T! It's enough to make you wanna barf on command to even think about filing those puppies. You'd rather sit in bumper to bumper traffic for the rest of your life, than deal with this shit!

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