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    • meganm42

      I leave tips based on service as well.Iremember one instance where the bill was $20 andItipped the girl $20 because she was doing all the work around the whole place while everyone else was just standing around doing nothing. Also,Ihave equally hadabill atanice restraunt that was $150 andItippedadollar, and my reasoning is because she was being disrespectful and rude. She expected to just be handedatip after being cold, unknowledgeable about the menu, basically calling us fat b/c we finished the appetizer the size of my fist so fast,telling us our food would be something else it’s not, and looking right through us when she spoke to us. Rude Rude, nowIam suppose to tip her? No.Iwould have gladly given her the 30 dollars if she had just not been so rude.

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