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    What It's Like To Be Gluten-Intolerant

    One first-world problem that doesn't seem to get any better: gluten-intolerance.

    First of all, this is accurate. Almost too accurate.

    People are always surprised when they find out you can't eat gluten.

    "Oh my God, like WHAT do you EAT?!"

    Or they ask if you're on some sort of fad diet.

    Then you have to explain to them that it's an allergy, but there's other food in the world to eat.

    Though sometimes when you get to a restaurant and see how many gluten-free options there are (or aren't), you want to scream.

    And, even worse, when you have a waiter that doesn't know what gluten is, you're terrified you're going to be served something that has it.

    And sometimes if your friend's eating something awesome like a bagel, you can't help but watch longingly.

    And yeah, sometimes they get creeped out by it.

    Though it could be worse. You could be this kid.

    Or Michelle Williams, always the one cast aside in Destiny's Child.

    Or LiLo out for her birthday.

    Yes, it could be worse. And giving up gluten isn't that bad, right?

    But like any great love, it'll stay with you. You carry the hope that you and gluten will one day be together again.