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This Corgi And His Newborn Baby Sister Are The Cutest New Friends

There's literally nothing like a corgi and a baby. When Reddit user banpeiSF brought his newborn daughter home, he was worried that his pet Corgi, Wilbur, wouldn't accept the new addition to the family. Three weeks later, it's clear that these two are going to be best friends for life.

Here's Wilbur and his new sister when she got home from the hospital. He's already looking out for her.

Here they are hanging out during tummy time. Wilbur's showing her how it's done.

The duo's dad said that Wilbur has taken to sleeping alongside the baby's crib. Y'know, just in case she needs some midnight snuggles.

Here Wilbur's waiting oh-so-patiently for his little sister to wake up from her nap.

And here he's protecting her in her swing.

Wilbur takes his new job of big brother very seriously, and makes sure she always knows he's there when she needs him.

He also knows how delightfully adorable a corgi butt can be, and generously offers it for snuggles. Best big brother ever!

H/T Huffington Post