Zoo Babies Galore! Germany’s Had New Arrivals.

It’s like Germany has been invaded. Invaded BY CUTE.

1. First of all, check out this koala joey in Duisberg, western Germany.

There are two male joeys that have recently emerged from their mom’s pouch. They don’t have names yet.

They were in the pouch for six months!

When they’re not hanging out with their stuffed koala friend, they enjoy chillin on their mom’s back.

Their mother’s name is Goonderrah. Very regal.

2. Next we have this western lowland Gorilla boy who is hanging out with his mom, Changa-Maidi, at the zoo in Muenster, western Germany.

He was born four weeks ago.

3. Here’s another baby gorilla that’s a month old.

They don’t know the sex yet. It’s at the Hellabrunn zoo in Munich, Germany

4. This is a three-week-old tiger in Frankfurt, Germany.

They don’t know the baby’s sex yet, but they do know it’s super cute.

5. At the Serengeti-Park zoo in Hodenhagen, northern Germany there are four white lion and four white tiger babies that hang out together.

Here’s a tiger and a lion playing.

We’re just going to assume big cats play rough and don’t actually want to rip each other to shreds, as the teeth suggest.

Baby tiger totem pole!

The new best kind of totem pole ever.

6. And just when you think we’ve hit cuteness capacity… here’s a baby Bennet Kangaroo in Straslund, Germany.

He enjoys long walks in the snow, so long as he’s safely in his mom’s pouch.

7. And here’s a newborn giraffe at Tierpark zoo in Berlin.

I think it goes without saying that this baby giraffe does not take any crap. Don’t even try.

8. And here’s another newborn giraffe in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

His mom’s pretty serious about her baby’s cleanliness.

9. And here’s a baby Malayan tapir hanging out with his mom in Leipzig, Germany.

Sometimes he goes for swims with his mom.

And sometimes he runs around solo, looking pretty goshdarn bashful.

10. In conclusion: Germany is one lucky country right now.

Just look at this two-week-old elephant that was born in Hannover, Germany. She’s just too cute to fathom.

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