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10 Steps For Having The Best (And Cutest) Sleep Ever

Dream on, you adorable dreamer, you.

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4. Oh, and as soon as the pig piles start, all bets are off. Form goes out the window and is replaced by pure fuzziness and comfort. So grab your friends and lie indiscriminately on top of each other. It'll be fun!

Also highly recommended: If you're a little baby bunny, have your human cradle you in her hands while you sleep. Maximum cute AND comfort going on.


If your human has a problem with this arrangement, kindly inform them that they're probably a mean-spirited and terrible person. That is a BABY BUNNY. Asleep in their HANDS. You just don't turn that down.

And so, sleep enthusiast, go forth into the world. Never stop working toward the perfect sleep, or dreaming of the perfect snuggle. Someday you too may be part of an infant–puppy cuddle group of joy.


(Arguably that's highly unlikely since you're probably not a puppy or an infant, but that's OK!)

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