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    10 Steps For Having The Best (And Cutest) Sleep Ever

    Dream on, you adorable dreamer, you.

    1. First, let's start with the basics: the solo sleep. This can often be jazzed up with an on-the-back positioning, especially when limbs are splayed.

    Oh yeah, let it all go.

    Feel free to snore a bit if the desire arises.

    Take advantage of your surroundings. The back of a couch could facilitate a fantastic stretch.

    Channel your inner area rug. Be the floor coverage you've always wished to be!

    Don't be afraid to really let your guard down. This is your time to shine, and, most importantly, your time to rest.

    2. If you're looking to spice up your solo sleep, try out an improbable location. Sometimes absurdity is the best way to go.

    Bonus points if you're a gigantic dog hijacking a small infant's play area.

    3. Now that you've mastered the solo sleep, time to find someone of the same species to progress to the next level. Observe here the nose-to-nose positioning. Classic and adorable.

    For a more creative position, try the L shape.

    Some sedimentary layering is a good tactic as well.

    4. Oh, and as soon as the pig piles start, all bets are off. Form goes out the window and is replaced by pure fuzziness and comfort. So grab your friends and lie indiscriminately on top of each other. It'll be fun!

    5. Once you've mastered the pig pile, it's really your duty to branch out to other species. Sometimes the most satisfying snuggle-and-sleep combo involves a cat and a dog together.

    See? That's a really good sleepy cuddle sesh going on right there.

    Yep, another cat-on-dog arrangement proves most satisfactory.

    6. Now, another option is to take a nap on top of a pony. That should end well.

    7. And snuggling up to a shoe probably isn't the most comforting creature to seek out, but hey, if it's all you've got, go for it.

    8. And never assume that your human is too busy to be your pillow. He only ACTS like he needs to get work done.

    Oh, was he planning on going somewhere? Too bad. His leg is your bed now.

    And whatever she was planning on doing today will just have to wait. You need your beauty sleep.

    Same goes for here.

    Also highly recommended: If you're a little baby bunny, have your human cradle you in her hands while you sleep. Maximum cute AND comfort going on.

    9. Now you're probably wondering how to achieve the greatest sleep that's every been slept, right?

    10. That's easy. Join a snuggle sesh with an infant and a group of french bulldog puppies.

    There is literally no better way in which you could fall asleep.

    No really.

    And so, sleep enthusiast, go forth into the world. Never stop working toward the perfect sleep, or dreaming of the perfect snuggle. Someday you too may be part of an infant–puppy cuddle group of joy.