22 Reasons Why You'll Want Persian Cats On Your Apocalypse Team


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So let's just get this straight: 2012 has passed, but we really shouldn't let our guard down about the impending apocalypse.

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We just can't rule out the possibility of a zombie invasion or a combination of weather events that leave us, all of us, with only our wits and strength to keep us alive.

And now that we have that established, only one question remains: WHO WILL BE ON YOUR TEAM?

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Who's going to defend you from zombies or forage for food with you or fight off the other tributes when they steal all of the weapons? OK that last part is (PROBABLY) only an obstacle in The Hunger Games but I'm not ruling out any possibilities at this point.


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There's a good chance that, after reading this, you'll want to kick YOURSELF off of your apocalypse team and replace you with more Persian cats. That's normal. Because you know why? THEY'RE BETTER THAN YOU.

5. Persians are great at building makeshift forms of shelter in the wild.


...So long as the shelter has been bought and built by the humans, and it's indoors.

OK, scratch this one. But at least we know they look great in teepees!



BOOM. Just like that, a fluffy, unassuming cat becomes a shaven force to be reckoned with.

Would you try to cross a cat that looks this angry? Only if you're an idiot.

10. So, are you convinced yet? Stare into these eyes real quick.


NOW try to envision a distopic world that doesn't involve you rollin' with a pack of Persian cats. Impossible, right?

11. Well, there's more. Check out this amazing battle cry.

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Katniss would have had ALL of the odds in her favor if she'd had a battle cry like this.

13. And they're also really handy to have around so they can be ambassadors to other members of the animal kingdom.

14. And, when they're not making peaceful alliances, they really good at hunting.

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I mean, just look at that cat. Look at the determination in its eyes. IT WILL CATCH THOSE FEATHERS... even if it means it has to stand up*.

*no evidence shown indicates the willingness to stand, but I'm not ruling it out.

Aha! Yes, observe the Persian cat in hunting stance.

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Not unlike a fuzzy Godzilla, the cat ravages the feathery object on the stick. Look at that determination, that focus. That is a natural-born killer right there.

17. Bottom line: Gruffalo will either be with you, or he will be against you.

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And would you want that face against you? No.

Just look at the cat behind him. It knows to bow before greatness.