Okay, So It’s Monday.

That doesn’t mean we can’t look on the bright side of things. Here are some animals to help you make the best of it.

1. So Monday’s got you up against the wall. That’s all right!

2. Just try to cheer up a little bit.

3. Okay, fine. You’re still reluctant.

4. Does this love-struck owl help?

5. How about this kangaroo and dog kissing?

6. Or a dog giving a sheep a bottle?

7. No one can deny the cuteness of a dog and a bunny together!

8. Okay, fine. Just like this baby panda trying to escape from his pen, we give up.

9. Instead here’s a tiger falling down that you can laugh at.

10. And a kitten seriously failing at jumping.

11. And, if you’re really feeling cynical, this cat being rollered.

12. But just in case you’re going to come around, we’re ready to cuddle, just like this baby hippo.

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