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    Momo, Ramu, And Babu Are The Pop Group The World Has Been Waiting For

    These three best friends enjoy hanging out, wearing awesome outfits, and generally making life worth living. Sure, they can't sing, but that's never stopped a pop group before!

    This is Babu, Momo, and Ramu. They're kind of a big deal, if you couldn't tell from their awesome matching outfits.

    They're just three adorable dogs with a love for fashion and adventure.

    They really love exploring.

    And they're not above some streaking through a field or two.

    Ramu's got a smile that will melt your heart.

    And Momo's a classic beauty.

    Babu's got personality for days, not to mention a very strong jawline.

    Together they're a lot like Destiny's Child or Haim, but way more stylish.


    Ramu's a pretty good swimmer, though reluctant.

    And she also likes pandas.

    And Babu flies a lot.

    No really.

    Flying is kind of Babu's thing.

    Impressive, no?

    And Momo's really good at snuggling.

    And she always looks great.

    Here are the three of them celebrating Christmas together (in matching outfits).

    And here they are showing off the latest winter fashions.

    Here they're keeping it casual for Fall.

    And here they're going au naturale in the sunset.

    They're as glamorous as they are humble.

    And they're not afraid to look a little silly at times.

    Because that's what being in a pop trio is all about, right?

    These three think so!

    And so we thank Momo, Ramu, and Babu for being the pop group we've been looking for.

    Because with outfits like these...

    Who needs music anyways?

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