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Meet Norman, An Elderly Rescue Dog Who Beat The Odds And Is Loving Life

Abandoned in old age, this little guy found a loving home and is considered the cutest blind meatloaf to ever walk on four legs.

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This is Norman.

At the age of seven he was left at the overnight dropbox for his town's Animal Control.

He was taken to Muttville Senior Rescue, a shelter that hoped he would be adopted despite his old age.

And adopted, he was!

Norman's humans think he looks like a little meatloaf.

But one thing's for sure: he's darn cute.

Norman is blind, but that doesn't stop him from finding some great adventures.

Oh, and he rocks some awesome outfits.

So chic!

So glamorous!

And when he's not showing off his superior fashions, Norman appreciates a good nap.

Because really, who doesn't?

Especially when you've got a snuggle buddy as cute as this pup here!

Norman's also really into fine cuisine.

Ahem, REALLY into it.

And he's not afraid to indulge in the finer things in life.

Because when you're an older dog who has faced a fair share of troubles, you know how to get your YOLO on.

And so we salute Norman for being such a brave little guy, and for being so darn cute!



Lucky for us, Norman has quite the online presence with both a Facebook page and a Tumblr. Check them out for more adorableness!

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