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Meet Jack, A Kitten Born In A Cactus Patch

Defeating the odds, Jack emerged from the cactus needles stronger and cuter than ever thought possible.

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This is Jack. He was found in a cactus patch along with his siblings and mother.


According to his rescuers, some of Jack's siblings managed to escape the patch, but their mother kept dragging them back into the needles.

None of his siblings survived, but Jack was rescued. He had hundreds of needles sticking into his body, and his eyes were swollen shut. The vets thought he was blind.


Slowly and lovingly, he was nursed back to health.

And then, after a lot of hard work, Jack's eyes opened!


Though there was visible damage to his left eye, he regained most of his sight.

And it wasn't hard to see that Jack was super handsome, and super snuggly.


And so tough for such a little guy!


He started growing bigger and soon started acting like any other healthy kitten.


And just look at that belly!

He started developing a sense of fashion.

And a love for his brother, Toby.

And, of course, a continued love of napping.

More than a year after his rescue from the cactus patch, Jack is thriving.

Once a teeny tiny kitten...

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He's now a strong and handsome guy (with the same teddy and bed as the video!).

And so we say: hooray for Jack!

For more updates on Jack, check out his facebook page!

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