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    Meet Guagua, The Cardboard Costume-Wearing Cat

    Cats may not like to dress up, but they do like to stick their heads into cardboard.

    Meet Guagua.

    Guagua belongs to toshiya86, a Chinese blogger who figured out that even though cats hate to play dress-up, they'll stick their heads through just about anything.

    So toshiya86 started drawing anime figures on cardboard and cutting out a hole where the head should be. The results were magical.

    Here we see Guagua fighting with a fish sword.

    Here we see Guagua relaxing with a glass of wine on a lion couch.

    Toshiya86's work is found on Weibo, a Chinese blogging service.

    Weibo requires registration in order to view the pictures at their original location.

    Truly masterpieces, each and every image.

    And these masterpieces have inspired others! Check out this copycat (no pun intended) image posted on reddit today.

    So what are you waiting for? Go on, get drawing! Your cat won't know what hit him.

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