Meet Chesty, The US Marine Corps’ New Mascot

The few, the proud, and the most adorable bulldog ever.

1. Here’s Chesty waiting on the red carpet in front of the Home of the Commandants in Washington.

It is here that he’ll attend obedience school and receive “recruit training” in preparation for his new role.

2. And here he is meeting Sgt. Chesty XIII, his dad. His dad’s the one that is stepping down as mascot so that Chesty can take over.

A bulldog’s gotta retire sometime, y’know?

3. Here’s Chesty taking a nap. He’s 9 weeks old in this photo.

4. Chesty’s a natural for the job. Just look how tough he is!

5. Chesty was named for a legendary Marine general, Lewis “Chesty” Puller.

Lt. Gen. Puller, who died in 1971, was among the most highly-decorated Marines in the history of the service, and the only marine to hold five Navy Crosses for service from the battlefields of World War II and Korea to Haiti and Nicaragua in the middle of the 20th Century.

6. Like all good mascots, he needs to be fitted for his uniform. He’s not thrilled about this.

7. And here he is at the ceremony where he was made a full marine. That’s right, PFC Chesty XIV is the newest member of the corps.

Chesty’s father was reportedly rather loud at the ceremony, and some speculated his desire to remain the center of attention, jealous of his son’s new role.

8. And so, PFC Chesty XIV, we salute you.

Semper fi, young Chesty. May you stay as strong and adorable as the day you first arrived in Washington, a bright-eyed recruit.

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