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    This Kitten Won't Leave Her Baby Brother's Side And It's The Cutest

    Redditor MsSandwichMaker's son and their kitten go about their daily lives... side-by-side at all times. Devotion never looked so cute.

    "He splashes and she just sits there," MsSandwichMaker says of the kitten and her son.


    Not even the aquatic chaos of a young boy in the tub can scare off his kitten, Lilly.


    The two are inseparable, getting into trouble together.

    Lots of trouble.


    And when they're done getting into trouble, they like to take naps together. Gotta recharge for more mischief!


    "Our kitten Lilly considers our son her litter mate and follows him everywhere she can," the mother states.

    "She has to sleep, eat, play, and be everywhere with him. Without him she is very depressing and sad. If she can see him but cannot be with him she howls and cries for him."

    Lilly might just be the most devoted kitten in the world.


    And the cutest!

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