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    Irrefutable Proof That Corgis Are Actually Secretly Superheroes

    Stubby legs, mighty heart, big ears: the anatomy of the perfect hero.

    You're probably wondering how and why the world's most disproportionate dog breed is a secret superhero. Understandable.

    Consider this: Only someone with supernatural powers could resist a treat tower so wonderful.

    And it's hard to deny that these pups on the beach are more fierce and noble than anything you've ever seen before.

    They're also masters of disguise. Just look at this robocorgi!


    It's important to be able to assume convincing disguises when saving the world since, obviously, people can't suspect your true identity.


    Here we see a corgi who was obviously saving some vulnerable sea creatures from a shark attack and needed to be incognito. Very convincing.

    And here's a corgi infiltrating a wedding party in order to, one can only assume, save the world from a diabolical plan involving weapons a villain planted within the ceremony.


    Look at those groomsmen, blissfully unaware of the tragedy that would have befallen them if the corgi weren't there to save them all.

    Even hipsters need saving sometimes, and this corgi was right on the scene to help out when needed.

    In addition to their amazing powers of disguise, they're very caring. Just check out this corgi watching over a baby.


    Every good superhero looks out for the vulnerable and innocent.

    And here's another corgi majestically overlooking the neighborhood children, ensuring that they are safe and happy.

    A corgi never has a day off.

    They're also better than the TSA at checking baggage since they are committed enough to become one with the suitcase itself.

    They're really brave about confronting unknown enemies.


    Fear isn't a factor.

    I mean really, it doesn't get more impressive than this perfectly executed lettuce attack.



    They're pretty serious about martial arts since a superhero always needs some sweet moves.


    Feel grateful you haven't seen his karate chop!

    And they're really stealthy.


    Super important for fighting crime and catching the bad guys off guard.

    And very graceful.

    Oh, and also? When they think no one's watching, corgis fly. FLY.







    And just in case you needed more evidence, remember that even the QUEEN rolls with corgis.


    Oh, and Daniel Craig. But whatevs, focus on the corgis!

    Everywhere the Queen of England goes, her corgis accompany her.


    Just try to convince me they're not her security detail. I mean REALLY.

    She won't even go underwear shopping without a corgi by her side.


    She's just being reasonable, preventing attack by villains by having her own personal superhero by her side.

    So I think it's time we just face the facts and realize that corgis are way more impressive than we once thought. They are, in a word, SUPER.

    Also, this shirt really needs to get made because it's perfect.

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