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    Posted on May 13, 2013

    In Need Of A Pep Talk? These Walruses Are Here To Help

    Go get 'em, kid! You were born a fighter! Or... something like that.

    1. Hey there, kid. You're looking a little down in the dumps. A little defeated.

    2. Like you just can't get out of your own way. You seem so hopeless.

    3. What's that you say? You've had a rough day?

    4. Well let me see some can-do attitude. Turn that frown upside down, soldier!

    5. Show me see what you're workin' with!

    6. Give me your best moves!

    7. Because today? Today you are stronger than you've ever imagined,

    8. More graceful than you ever thought possible,

    9. And more loved than you ever realized.

    10. So let the band play,

    11. Start the slow clap,

    12. And go show 'em hell.

    13. Because today is YOUR day, no one else's.

    14. And we're all here, cheering you on!

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